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2021 Beauty Ambassador – Fredericksburg Virginia Boudoir Studio

Beauty Ambassador - Fredericksburg Virginia Boudoir Studio

Beauty Ambassador Program 2021

We are looking for 5 women to be Beauty Ambassadors! 

Our ideal Beauty Ambassador is someone who truly values what we do here at Black Lace Boudoir and wants to help other women experience a session for themselves. Someone who believes in our mission to help encourage other women to embrace their bodies, support and uphold our values, and who speaks emphatically about body positivity for women of ALL sizes! When representing Black Lace Boudoir, you are representing our entire brand and mission statement.  You MUST BE 21+ in order to qualify for this program.

Our goal is to find 5 women who do this well, along with having a positive in-person and social media presence.


“Beauty Ambassadors will be working closely with Black Lace Boudoir and their team to engage in THREE very important ways”

  1. Spread the MISSION – Our ideal Beauty Ambassador will be kind and treat others with love and respect. In other words: don’t be an asshat, be body positive, respect everyBODY. A Beauty Ambassador will also help maintain engagement on our social media platforms, especially within our VIP Facebook group. The importance of our VIP group is a place where women can feel inspired, uplifted, cheered on, and most importantly feel SAFE! We are on a mission to spreading the excitement that evolves around boudoir and how it gives women a safe platform to share their stories in an artistic form.

  2. Share our WORD: Beauty Ambassadors will be the face of Black Lace Boudoir and will have the job of getting the word out about our amazing VIP group, the unique boudoir experience, and our about our mission in sharing your unique story. There is an excellent opportunity for you to utilize your social media platforms, your word of mouth, and your incredible networks to make sure ALL the babes in the area know who we are and know WHY they should want to be a part of our growing tribe of uplifting women.

  3. Be the FIRE: By being Beauty Ambassador with Black Lace Boudoir you will have MAJOR perks tied to these roles. I want to shower you with gratitude, gifts, money, and PHOTOS!!!!! But, with this incredible opportunity, comes BIG expectations. You will be given FREE photos in plenty, but you will be expected to SHARE those photos. I can work within your comfort levels, but a change of heart on how you spread these won’t fly, girlfriend. Make sure you’re ready to show the world your newfound FIRE!
  4. Support Each Other: Being a Beauty Ambassador also means you support ALL bodies. We love to showcase women of all shapes and sizes of all ages.

We are not seeking actual models to represent Black Lace Boudoir, we want everyday women like yourself to be apart of something EMPOWERING! This is perfect for our returning clients who have already worked with us, but we encourage those who have not to apply as well.


We want our Beauty Ambassadors to really believe in us and what we do, so we want to SPOIL you with gratitude, prizes, cash money, and free PHOTOS as a THANK YOU for all your hard work!

  • Three sessions during your contract as a Beauty Ambassador, ( bi-monthly-ish sessions. (we will do different “themes” each session with the whole team)
  • A minimum of 3 edited images per session + Mobile app for quick sharing!
  • Special access to our yearly sales in our VIP group during your time as a brand ambassador.
  • Invitations to participate in our yearly group style shoot.
  • 20% off any collection and product purchases.
  • 10% of our session fee in CASH for each referral you bring in, or 15% in product credit toward your own full self-love journey!
  • A FABULOUS LUXURY end of year gift from me, to you, to thank you for your incredible work!


Q: How long is the Beauty Ambassador program?

A: Those who apply and are choosing to be a Beauty Ambassador with being signed on for a 12-month contractual term to work with Black Lace Boudoir.

Q: Can I contract Rami regarding my application? I am dying to know if I made I made it into the program!

A: I will not actually be the one in charge of selecting the individuals who will be representing Black Lace Boudoir as a Beauty Ambassador. I choose to do this on purpose to remain neutral in selecting all of our Beauty Ambassadors that will make the best business sense for my brand. Once the process is completed we will announce the Beauty Ambassadors with a fun group shoot at the studio. Those of you who are selected will be notified by email.

DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSIONS IS Friday, December 15th, 2020. Brand ambassadorship will run from January 1st, 2021 – To the end of November 2021.

ALL applicants must fill out the form below or click HERE

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