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When you are scheduling your boudoir session you may start doing some research on certain props to use to enhance the quality of your session. This is normal to want to do, sometimes we do better with some added effects in our photographs. You do not want to overdo it though. In this article we will discuss some minor prop enhancers for you to incorporate in the session. Props are a great way to give any boudoir shoot that extra drama. However it’s important to use this list sparingly! You do not need a prop for every shot. One or two items is plenty. Mainly focus on your lingerie pieces and keep these props in mind to add some variety. Below I have listed a few ideas to bring along with you that should not overwhelm your session

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His Shirt

There is something about a woman wearing her mans t-shirt that has just the right level of seductive involved. If you have booked your session to gift your portraits to a loved one, this is a good idea to go with with. He will love the outcome. Seeing a woman wearing what she does not normally wear, gives the mysterious effect and wow factor. You can’t go wrong with incorporating a piece of clothing that has a significance to him…especially when he sees you in it!

Boudoir, Heels


A Woman in heels shows a sense of empowerment, a “baddie” vibe if you will. The heels add a touch of beauty and power, after all that is the goal in the boudoir session. For you to feel your most vibrant and powerful. . Heels bring a whole new dimension to every single session of boudoir photography. They accentuate your entire body, making your legs look longer, toning your calves, and giving your booty that extra boost. If you’re dressing to kill, you can never go wrong with a nice pair of heels. 

Boudoir, Jewelry


Be careful with what jewels you decide to wear on the day of your session. Long necklaces that can get tangled can be more of a distraction than a benefit. Statement pieces like chunky necklaces or earrings draw the eyes straight in and make the image pop. Or a long string of pearls draped over your back or breasts will draw emphasis on a part of your body that you want to highlight.  The professional boudoir photographer can capture just the right moment with this one piece of jewelry.

Boudoir, Bridal

Bridal Accessories

This is a fun way to go if you are gifting your spouse with your photos. A way to commemorate your wedding day and find use for the items sitting in your closet. This is a way to give a taste of what is in store if you are not yet married. A teaser. If you are a bride or a newlywed, you can bring props like your veil, garter, or wedding shoes to incorporate in the shoot.


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