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Bridal Boudoir has gained in popularity along with the increase in interest in boudoir. The idea of bridal boudoir is to gift these beautiful portraits to your partner on your wedding day or even after the wedding. Boudoir portraits make for a fantastic gift to the one you hold you dear to you. In this article we will discuss why gifting a boudoir session is a really great idea! Let’s get started!

Bridal Boudoir, Baltimore, Washington DC

Celebrate YOU

Booking a professional boudoir session is one of the best ways to build your confidence and celebrate who you are. This is your time to create some once in a lifetime portraits that will reflect just how special and unique you are. After planning a wedding you could be feeling a little out of sorts and not seeing that gleam that was in your eyes. You should feel the most beautiful and important on the day of your wedding, and what better way to build that confidence and fierceness than to book a boudoir session while incorporating some things you will be wearing in your wedding. When you can look back at these memories and see just how beautiful, confident, and sexy you were at this stage of your life. not to mention you have gave great efforts to look your best on your wedding day. Celebrate your hard work by getting pampered and boosting your confidence all in one.

Another great positive to having bridal boudoir is feeling empowered. A wedding is a big deal and takes a lot out of you. Boudoir photography was designed specifically to make you as a female feel empowered in every way. Most brides who have taken the step to do a bridal boudoir session radiate confidence on the day of their wedding, and in the wedding portraits you can see that woman shining through in all the photographs. It will empower you to feel more confident in your own skin—and that is invaluable! Later in life when you look back to the time when you felt sexy and beautiful will remind you that it wasn’t just the dress, or the flowers that made you look amazing- it was all you! That confident empowered woman never left you just to reminded her who she was and will forever be!

Bridal Boudoir with veil

Excuse to buy new lingerie

You may have a wedding shower and you will more than likely receive some new lingerie. This is a great excuse to try it on and have some fun! After planning the day you have dreamed up, you will be looking for a reason to just relax and make the day about you and focused on the woman inside. This is also a great time to learn to be confident in front of the camera. If you do not get gifted new lingerie now is the time for an excuse to purchase some for the one you will be spending forever with. This is your time to shine, relax, and just take a moment away from all the wedding planning stress/ Killing two birds with one stone sounds like a win to me.

Black Lace Boudoir Photography; Bridal Boudoir

If you live in  FREDERICKSBURG, VIRGINIA, Washington DC, Baltimore or Richmond and you are looking to find that inner beauty queen inside yourself, be sure to look into the work done by Black Lace Boudoir Photography. The proof is in there amazing show stopping work she has done. Still not convinced? Check out her site and book your Bridal Boudoir Session Today!


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