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“Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire” | Personal Post | Fredericksburg Fine Art Boudoir

Some of you may be wondering who I am and what made me decided boudoir as my passion.
Building up women’s confidence and giving them an empowering experience is far more rewarding than I will ever be able to express in words but I would like to share my personal story about this incredible journey as a photographer. This story is something I have shared a little bit on, but I feel it has a significant meaning to why my passion is so strong when it comes to boudoir. It also allows for you to see I am human too, with feelings and emotions and not just some random person behind the screen posting pretty pictures

When I began this journey, I had no idea what the outcome would be, but I knew with a fire in my soul that I wanted to gift women the power to love themselves. The first time I ever had a boudoir session done I was going through a world wind of emotions. I had recently had a miscarriage and was going through a separation with my ex-husband. I felt unworthy of love. In many ways, I felt hopeless. Who was going to love a single mother who was broken from the loss of a child she will never get to hold in her arms? So many thoughts ran through my mind, and I wanted nothing more to feel like my spunky and outgoing self again. Then a friend of my suggested boudoir at first like many of you may have thought “What on earth is boudoir” So I pulled up handy dandy google to figure out what “boudoir” was. At first, I was a bit shocked. “Like what the hell are these women posing half naked for?” “What is so empowering about that?” I seriously could not understand why so many women were raving about this, but as curious as I was I decided to give it a try. When I looked at my pictures for the first time, I was in complete shock! I couldn’t believe the person I was staring at was ME! The broken girl who felt unattractive, unloved and not worthy of anything finally started to push all those words aside. It was like those pictures reprogram my mind. I was BEAUTIFUL, I was WORTHY of great things. I was LOVED!


That empowering experience was something I desperately wanted to give to other women. I put my whole heart and soul into a business I had no idea would ever go anywhere but I knew deep down that this was something I was very passionate about. The last 5 years have been incredibly difficult at times.  A lot of tears have been shed, heartbreak, endless nights of sleep, questioning myself and lots and lots of doubt. Sometimes to the point I have considered selling everything and completely stopping shooting altogether.  I have allowed others to define my success. In the mix I allowed a toxic person to tell me what I could and couldn’t do with my own life and career.  I have worked very hard to make something of myself but mostly to live and breathe this dream.   The power and meaning behind my work speak volumes. My success has come with a price and it hasn’t been easy but I have made every effort to pursue what sets my soul on fire. I know that my art is a powerful way for a woman to express herself. It takes trust and lots of courage to do something like this.  But these women have trusted in me to capture their most intimate self. They have opened up to share with me their personal struggles, their own stories and compare motherhood together. We laugh and we cry. I have met some remarkable women over the last 5 years. Some in powerful professional positions. Like lawyers, doctors, school teachers, veterinary, law enforcement, firefighter, government personnel, a soldier, photographers, nurses, stay at home moms, women who own their own business. I have been so incredibly lucky to have had the pleasure of sharing with these women the beauty of their imperfections. Some of them coming to me with deep dark stories where they wear their scars on the outside and some who wear them on the inside. Each story that has been shared has touched my heart where I want nothing more to gift them some type of happiness! I want to share with them that their past doesn’t define who they are. That they are indeed capable of the great things because they are worthy!



Boudoir isn’t just about sexy poses. Or sexually express yourself. Though I love the bold and edgy look we aim for, it is not about sexualizing women. It is a way for them to express their inner women. For me to tell a story. Each and every client has a story. Their story is told by my art, and though the not every story is visible to everyone. It is a way for them to break down walls and take a leap of faith with me not knowing what they will gain from their own session but they believe in the power of what we create in our studio.






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