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Biggest myths about doing a boudoir session

If you come from a conservative background, it can easily be said that you may have so many reservations due to how you have been taught to view certain things that come about in life. In this article we will discuss some common myths that surround the art of Boudoir. It is normal to have concerns with any and all choices you have to make, but the goal of this article is to be put your mind at ease and make this choice easier for you. We will discuss a few common myths you often hear about what boudoir is and what others may view it as. Let’s get started so you can have a clearer perspective in your big choice!

Boudoir is just nude photos

Everyone has their own fantasy about how they want their boudoir images to look like and commonly women do not do one to do nude photos Most Boudoir Photographers offer what is called fine art nudity and when you take those shots, You and the photographer will give these extra care because the wrong angle can be the difference between a stunning, artistic shot and something trashy. Take the time to talk to the person taking the shots so they have an understanding of what it is you are wanting to accomplish with your session. You do not have to be nude at all, you can dress however you please and what you are comfortable with, this is your session, and you are the only one that needs to be happy with the outcome.

My photos will end up online

Right out the gate, lets just toss this myth in the trashcan. Your session is YOUR session. All you have to do is say I do not want you to use my photos for any reason and the photographer will honor that. Sometimes women will allow their pictures to be used for advertising reasons, that does not mean you have to do that at all. Your session can be 100% private, no one will share your pictures without you giving the okay to do so!

It is only for skinny fit girls

Hold the phone, this is so far from the truth! Boudoir is for all walks of life, even MEN! Yes, men do what is now called “Dudeoir”. Also now women who are expecting do them too. Again, it is designed for confidence when you need it most, at any period of your life. People struggle to think outside of their own comfort levels and tend to look at this art form as scandalous and lacking class, it is the exact opposite! These portraits are capturing your beauty, and teaching you to love every inch of your body. Divorced women for example will do them after their divorce just as a reminder that they do have beauty and to remember who they were prior to that bad experience. It is therapy for the soul and the mind!


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