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Common Excuses to Not Do A Boudoir Shoot

Common excuses you tell yourself: Fear and excuses are the two most common things that hold anyone back from making a choice. That one choice could change your entire life. It is easier to avoid something and make an excuse to not partake than to actually take a leap and just live your life. I think it is safe to say that all women have to factor in a multitude of reasoning. But if it is a choice that improves your mental health and your love for who you are.

How bad can it really be? In this article the goal is to show you some typically given reasons not to book your Boudoir experience, lets debunk those so you can get back to reaching that full esteem you have searched for!

excuses why a plus size women shouldn't do a boudoir session

“I need to Lose Weight”

Let us begin by saying that whoever says that a camera will add 10 pounds is simply spreading false information! The beauty of working with a professional photographer like myself is that we know how to pose you in the most flattering way. Each pose I will put you in will showcase your unique beauty.
Do not make excuses that will prevent you from seeing that gorgeous woman you have convinced yourself is not there.

“I do not know how to act or be sexy.”

Listen up, you have this fierce vixen inside of you! She is in there. We are going to help her break free.

Once your hair & makeup is complete, and put on that show-stopper attire, you will see her. You have pushed her away because the world has told you to become obedient. You do not have to suppress who you fit in. I am here to help you find your true self and set her free. Throughout the session, I will guide you on posing right down to your fingertips, and in no time, you will be striking your own poses! Of course, you do not need to pose yourself or even know how to pose to do a session. I will guide you and show you every step of the way how to achieve these dreamy and sultry photos. When it is all done, you will be able to have more confidence to share your true self.

Common Excuses to Not Do A Boudoir Shoot - Washington D.C
Common Excuses to Not Do A Boudoir Shoot - Washington D.C

” I do not have anyone to give sexy photos to”

This is a very common excuse among women who are trying to talk themselves out of a Boudoir session. Let me just say there is no rule that you have to do these for ANYONE! The entire reason for doing a boudoir photo session is for you and you alone; of course, you can gift them to someone if you so choose. But you mainly need to focus on the fact this is for you and your self-confidence.

This is your reminder you can look at and remember that woman and how fierce and in love with herself she was at that moment. You will remember who you are. It is hard to explain the power of these snapshots; you really cannot understand it until you let yourself just do it!

Excuses don’t look good on anyone.

Wear pride and be excited about who you are, feel beautiful and let your life be changed by one simple choice to step out of your comfort zone. The excuses you have can all be debunked by just doing the session. All you thought you felt will be changed and your entire attitude will change. Every woman has sex appeal, book your session and find where yours has been hiding all this time!

Plus size women wearing angel wings - Virginia


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