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Frequently Asked Questions about Boudoir Photography

Boudoir FAQs

I bet you are just dying to know what’s all included in a session, just shopping around or maybe you have questions but you aren’t ready to chat just yet. That is okay! This blog is perfect for everyone who is in all stages in their boudoir journey. So I decided to share with you all the frequently asked questions right here!

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I’m really nervous. Is that normal?
It is definitely normal to be nervous for your boudoir session, so don’t worry! Most of our clients are nervous until the session has gone on for a few minutes. After it starts, you’ll begin to loosen up. If you’re still nervous, try out these relaxation tips we’ve provided in another blog post: Click here.

How do I know how to pose?
Don’t worry about posing. We’ve totally got you covered in that department. We know all the tricks to create the most flattering angles for you, no matter what shape or size you are.

I’m not a model – are boudoir photos still flattering even if my body isn’t perfect?
Absolutely! Nobody is perfect and every woman is sexy!! If you have any specific concerns, contact us and we can talk about it!

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I am a curvy woman, will you pose me differently?
We love and support ALL body shapes and sizes here at Black Lace Boudoir. I’d like to assure you that your size does not dictate how we pose you. We pose every woman the same throughout the session, regardless of age, size, or shape. Come as you are, and allow us to help you celebrate your unique beauty!

Does my session include hair and makeup?
Yes, of course! Makeup and hair are done at our Fredericksburg studio with the areas BEST leading makeup artists. During the planning process we will ask you to pin or find images of makeup and hair inspiration that you can share with your makeup stylist during your session.

Am I allowed to bring alcohol to help loosen my nerves?
Unfortunately, we do not allow any kind of alcohol on the premises or during your session. We recommend checking out some of the relaxation tips to help with any nerves!

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Do you provide the wardrobe?
We do offer an Exclusive Client Closet that offers 250+ different items ranging in size from xs-4xl. You will also find an assortment of heels and jewelry as well as other fun accessories to complete whatever look you are aiming for!

I have absolutely no idea what to wear. Do you offer help with that?
Yes, absolutely! Shopping for lingerie can be a bit of an overwhelming process so we do provide you with a ton of places to shop both local and online as well as whole wardrobe guide which will share with you non-lingerie items as well. This guide is super handy in helping you plan for your session as well as guiding you on what to purchase/bring for your session.

What should I bring to my boudoir session?
Our Wardrobe Guide will help you with what items to bring. We suggest bringing a bunch of different items and accessories in a large duffel bag or suitcase. When you arrive we can help you decide on which outfits to wear along with what accessories would work best!

About Me - Virginia Boudoir Portrait
Rami – Owner & Photographer of Black Lace Boudoir

Will my session be with a male or female photographer?
Our team is composed of all women, so you will only have a female photographer for your session (me).

Can I bring a friend?
Yes, you can bring a friend if you think it will help you relax. However, sometimes an extra set of eyes has the opposite effect, even if it is a friend. They are more than welcome to come, but if they are making you uncomfortable, they may have to wait outside the studio.

What nail colors do you recommend?
This is a common question one that I feel is a personal preference, however, my recommendation for nail color would be to stick with neutral colors that will not clash with your outfits. For example. If you are wearing red lingerie try to avoid wearing red nail polish as well. You can choose to do a deeper red that almost appears black if you are wanting to still paint them red. The deeper or darker color will not blend or clash as much but will still work well for most shades. If you are unsure at any point you can always reach out to me and ask!

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Do you recommend tanning beds or spray tans?
This is another one that I feel is personal preference as well, however, tanning can result in making your skin appear more orange in photos. There are a lot of new products on the market that offer a natural tanner without an orange tint. I would recommend reading up on which products would be best for you. Then I would try these products several weeks ahead of your session to ensure you are happy with the results. We want to photograph you as close as possible to your natural skin color without altering your complexion.

What do you recommend for tan lines?
As we approach the warmer months tan lines can be almost impossible to avoid especially if you are outside more. We are able to lighten tan lines in a photoshoot, however, we cannot always completely remove them.

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Do you do touchups?
Yes, we will smooth skin and do some basic retouching on all the images you will see during your same-day reveal.

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What’s does “same-day reveal” mean?
Instead of having to wait 2 or more weeks to see your images we actually present to you your gallery the same day as your session! Once your session is complete we send you out to wait in the studio or you can go grab a bit to eat while I work on editing your images. The typicality break time is roughly around 45-60 minutes.

How am I in the studio for?
Your unique boudoir experience is about 5 hours in total. Here a quick example of the time frame broken down.
-60 minutes -hair & makeup
-90 minutes boudoir session
-60 minutes break for editing
-30 minutes for reveal & ordering

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What type of products do you offer?
We offer a wide range of luxury products that are fun, unique, and are super trendy! Our designer albums are the most popular option because they can fully be customized to show your style. If you are the All-Inclusive type we also offer collections we build that offer product(s) & digital images together! You can also see a little more of what we offer by clicking here.

When do you book sessions?
We book sessions Monday through Friday and being every session at 10:00 am. Sessions last about 5 hours and you are out of the studio no later than 2-2:30pm.

Do you offer payment plans?
Yes, we sure do! You take a look at all the options here.

Do you do outdoor boudoir sessions?
From June 1st until August 1st we offer the option to add-on an outdoor set with your studio session. These are limited and do require advance notice.

Do I have control over who sees my images?
Yes, most certainly. We will only share photos if you have given us permission and have approved the images for sharing. We respect your wishes and won’t post or share any images if you’d prefer them to stay private.

Frequently asked questions about boudoir - Boudoir women

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