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How to pull off a Christmas boudoir session

Christmas is just right around the corner and it is time to start thinking of the perfect gift for that special someone in your life, or a gift for yourself! We all know how hard it is to pick out a gift for the one we love most, a boudoir session is guaranteed to be a gift that they more than likely have never received before. Boudoir sessions are a gift that keeps giving. Not only is it a special unique gift it is therapeutic for you to have one done, so it is a double win. The content of the boudoir photos is relatively intimate and should be shared with your significant other. Consider giving the boudoir photos as a wedding gift or an anniversary gift or better yet a special one of a kind Christmas gift! The sexy photos are likely to add some spark to the bedroom. Boudoir Sessions are a professional portrait session meant as an extraordinary and special gift for both yourself and your partner. Boudoir sessions are customized to be about you – so your boudoir photos could range from modest to straight-up sensual – you decide your own comfort level. After you gift him these amazing photos, you’ll experience a memorable night of feeling sexy and open with your partner. Your photos will enhance this opportunity of connection between the two of you. One idea is to leave the boudoir album for him on his pillow to discover when he wakes up Christmas morning or as a sweet Christmas Eve gift. Either way you decide to gift these or just keep them for yourself they will be treasured because they are of you! You may be wondering how to make a Christmas Boudoir session work, in this article I will give you some ideas and more reasons why you should consider doing a boudoir photo session for Christmas this year.

Christmas Boudoir, Washington, Virginia

Outfit ideas

For Christmas Boudoir you know a tree as the back drop is a great idea to celebrate the holiday season. If you are a lover of everything Christmas this session is going to be a blast. You can get as creative as you wish with these sessions depending on YOUR comfort level. Red lingerie, Santa hat, red sports jersey, red wrapping paper…The options are endless. Maybe you’re feeling angelic and 100% confident you’ll be on the “nice” list. In your boudoir session, you can be adorned with white and surrounded by warm light, leaving you shining and confident during your session. You can wear a Santa hat if you are feeling jolly and want to really be festive. Another great look is just Christmas lights, this makes for a really unique shot of you. Lastly, you can do red and green sheets on the bed to add a little festive color into the mix of things. No matter what your mood is the professional boudoir photographer will be able to take some incredible pictures of you that you will be happy you took the time to book.

Christmas Boudoir Session, Washington, Virginia

Black lace Boudoir; Tis the Season

Black Lace Boudoir is prepared to help you create the perfect Christmas gift with a Christmas Session. Black Lace is offering some pretty great black Friday deals so do not miss out on those. Book your session now so you can gift the one you love with the most thoughtful unique gift they have ever received!


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