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Learning To Love Your Story…

Last year this beautiful soul reached out to book a session that would celebrate a milestone in her life. She had gone through a few different photographers but was unable to find the one that would bring to life her vision. When I was given the opportunity to work with Ms. V., I was over the moon excited about her vision!  Being a domestic survivor myself, I knew how important this session was to her.  When I first meet her for her consultation, it was instant that we connected!  I believe we spent about three hours talking about everything as well as going over all the details of her session. When she shared some of her ideas, I knew that our studio wouldn’t be the ideal spot for her vision but I still wanted her to experience a session in our studio as well. So I suggested a crazy idea that she LOVED!  We shot a portion of her session in our studio then drove off to the abounded house for the second portion.  I had a blast being able to step outside of the studio doors to create something that I hadn’t had the opportunity to do in a few years which was shooting in an abounded house!  I am so glad that Ms. V was open to this idea and now we are planning our next session together!  I cannot wait!

Here are a few of my favorites from her session <3 <3

1. How old are you?  I am 23






2. What do you do for a livening?  An Accountant





3. What made you decide to take a leap of faith and do a boudoir session? I’m the happiest, healthiest, and confident since my domestic violence incidents.



©Black Lace Boudoir



4. Did you have any obstacles or fears about boudoir? I was nervous more than anything. I was afraid that my body wasn’t in the best of shape and that I wouldn’t get any good pictures just because I hate most of the pictures of myself.



©Black Lace Boudoir



5. Was the session different from what you expected it to be? SO MUCH MORE!



©Black Lace Boudoir


6. What was your favorite part about the entire experience? Having my boyfriend there and going to an abandoned house! Oh and shopping an always a plus.


©Black Lace Boudoir

©Black Lace Boudoir




7. How did you feel when you saw your photographs? They were more than I have ever thought they would be. Perfect doesn’t even been to describe them, they are more than what I had envisioned.




©Black Lace Boudoir




8. Any advice for women interested in their own boudoir session? Go for it! Document your body when you want to. What you and what your body has gone through is an important story to tell.




©Black Lace Boudoir



9. Did anything change about the way you see your own beauty as a result of the session? I saw myself in a different light. I always knew I had that side of myself, the seductive and sexy, but I was always too afraid to show it. However, during the session, it became like second nature.


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