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We live in a world run by masculine energy. As women, we often need to match energy to survive. While everyone should have a good balance of feminine and masculine energy, there are times when we live more in one than the other. When this happens, there is an imbalance within.

For a long time, I struggled to show the softer side of myself because I was scared others would think I was weak. This thought bothered me to the core because I knew embracing my feminine energy did not mean I was weak. In fact, it was proof that my softer side of me was just as important to celebrate and worth exploring.

While visiting France, I attended a retreat that allowed me to explore what that feminine energy was for me. I learned a lot more about the difference between feminine and masculine energy and the importance that each energy provides us.

I want to bring that knowledge and help women like you find their soft feminine.


The Soft Girl Era

💜 Embrace you

The first step in taking amazing pictures is appreciating who you are, at this chapter in your life. When you feel confident, you look confident. No two people are meant to be the same, we are all different in our unique way. Embracing our flaws is the first step to feeling confident in your skin

💜 Find the light

Lizzo says "you need bomb light", and she 100% correct! Bad lighting makes of bad photos. So we need to go towards the light, preferably neutral light like a big window.

💜 Find YOUR best angles

It's all about the angles baby! Where you hold your phone is important. How you pop and bend and move makes a difference in your images! I am going to show you how to work those angles to get your good side.

💜 wear something flattering

Wearing something that makes you look and feel amazing is going to do wonders for your confidence. So make a good outfit selection! I will even link some of my favorite pieces you can get right from Amazon that will flatter your body


Remember, the goal of a selfie is to capture you in the moment, not to achieve perfection. Be kind to yourself if you don't get the perfect shot on the first try. Selfies are a way to celebrate yourself, so enjoy the process and have fun with it.


This is just the tip of the iceberg of what we will cover in the Sultry Selfie Tutorial! This is the start of a body empowerment and self-love journey, and I am here to help you discover new layers of confidence—because confidence is sexy!


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