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Strip Away Body Image Issues With Boudoir

Boudoir, Washington DC

What is the point of Boudoir?

Let’s begin by explaining why boudoir has become a huge benefit to women and empowering them. Boudoir was designed to help women to love themselves and to feel comfortable in their skin. This movement has taught women that self love is important and that there is beauty in how each of us are different. Removing the false narrative behind the bodies we see on social media and in the celebrity world. We each have a special factor to us, something that makes us stand out, in boudoir photography the professional boudoir photographer has an eye for capturing what highlights you need to see in yourself. In this article we will discuss the benefits of booking a boudoir session in the Washington DC area and how it can help you defeat any self esteem issues you may have, even if you have no body image issues this is a good way to ensure you never develop any later on. Let’s begin!

Boudoir, Washington DC

Boudoir for Women

As I stated before boudoir photography is a rising movement. We are seeing a rise because it works and does what it promises in the end results. Enabling women of any and all backgrounds or body type to feel the effects and power behind the art of boudoir. Back in the day you may remember your mom doing glamour shots, this was the initial approach to women opening the door to see their true beauty within and outside of themselves. Since that time we have pushed the envelope so to speak to bring women out of their shells society has taught them to be in. Photography is a powerful art which tells a story of a moment in time. Boudoir captures you unveiling and finding that fierce woman within yourself, and the portraits show how it unfolds, how your confidence has been built through the session. A more intimate interpretation of traditional portrait photography, boudoir photography celebrates the art of being a woman through honoring the different stages of her life. Boudoir is not just women in lingerie, boudoir is uplifting and empowering!

Boudoir, Body image, Washington DC

Empowering Experience

Many do not see the empowerment behind Boudoir. If you are in the Washing DC area and you are looking into a boudoir photo session, listen up! Why is boudoir empowering for women? This is a tool used to confront he body image issues most women have head on and relates to your natural beauty. Body image issues have been a battle many women and men alike face if not every day at least at some point in your life. Many women spend a lot of time on social media or looking at the famous models and we tend to compare how we look to others, then we start beating ourselves down. Comparing ourselves to others or wishing to change our bodies in order to live up to impossible beauty standards does not lead to happiness. Rather, this kind of negative thinking discourages self-love. The goal is to develop a healthy relationship with your body as well as self. Loving those imperfections and finding beauty within them. Your professional boudoir photographer in Washington DC aims to debunk your false idea of imperfection through art. This is why boudoir has the power to uplift you, this is not just some pictures highlighting your beauty this is an experience every single woman should do at least once in their lifetime.

Black Lace Boudoir; Delivering Body Positivity

Black Lace Boudoir Photography located in Washington DC, has been uplifting women and reversing their negative view of themselves for quite sometime. Black Lace has the dream to empower and uplift women on a whole other level. She captures what you may see as a negative toy our image and helps you to see how truly unique and beautiful you are. If you are looking for a profession Boudoir Photographer in Washington DC, Check out the amazing work Black Lace Boudoir has done thus far and book your session!


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