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Third time is the charm | Black Lace Boudoir

“Third time is the charm.”

Miss. T has been a client of mine since the very beginning of opening Black Lace Boudoir. This will have been her third session with us and each time I have watched her confidence grow and I LOVE IT!  It has been amazing five years being able to meet so many remarkable women who share and love some of the same things I do. There is has been many ups and downs as a business owner, but the one thing that hasn’t changed is my ability to connect with my clients.  The fact is that so many of my clients have become friends who I can share a good a laugh with, funny quotes and even call up in the middle of the night if I ever did need something.  These wonderful women have been a growing part of my personal life as well as my business life.  They have shown me that true confidence comes within and that their beauty is skin deep. This strong independent woman has faced many of the same obstacles I have, but she has proven that no matter what she has been faced that she can and will overcome anything that stands in her way.  Her strength and courage is something I admire in her.  So when she responded to one of the recent model calls we posted, I knew instantly that this session was a way for her to release and share a side of her she has never shared before.  Miss T is also a mother of two and her youngest only be eight months!  Yes, I said that right a mother of two!  She is GORGEOUS! She is FIERCE!

Moms can be HOT too!


Here is a testimonial from her past session with us.
“Rami did an absolutely AMAZING job.. Not only with taking great pictures but by making me feel super sexy! I had my second baby 8 months ago and found it very difficult to accept my new “mom bod.” This session was my third one with Rami, so I had complete faith in her.. Just not so much in myself. Starting from the hair and make up experience, I was absolutely blown away that I was able to go from a “mombie” to this bombshell.. Then we started going through the client closet and I got even more excited because she had pieces that I never in a million years would have tried on for fear of showing my “flaws.” I tried on the piece in this picture and with the hair and make-up, I had instant confidence, not to mention we had a blast goofing off during the session. Rami always makes such a relaxing atmosphere and knows how to pose women to show off their assets and hide any flaws they think they have. After the session, sitting down and going through all of the pictures, I was shocked that those were even pictures of me.. She made everything so easy for me when it came to ordering and working with my budget. I would recommend Black Lace Boudoir to anyone at any age or any stage in their life.. It is such a powerful experience and I can’t even begin to explain the amount of confidence I gained from my session. Ramilyn is such a beautiful person inside and out and has this amazing ability to make women look and feel stunning and at the end of the day, she still swears it is ALl the client!! I look forward to working with her again in the future and hope other women give it a shot because it is the biggest confidence booster anyone could ask for!





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