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Top 3 hottest looks for your boudoir session

There are no rules saying you have to wear lingerie and only lingerie for your boudoir session. What makes you feel confident and sexy? If it’s sexy casual clothes, use those! For example, pair a sheer top with jeans or use a simple white blouse, unbuttoned, with a black skirt. Whether you’re considering a boudoir session, already have yours scheduled, or just want to spice things up at home, it can be overwhelming to think about what to wear. Do not fear we will cover all of those details in this article. It can seem overwhelming to have to plan what you will wear etc. for a boudoir session. Luckily, a thought to keep in mind most boudoir studios have a glam closet and a glam squad on site, this may cost a little more but let’s be honest you deserve a day of pampering and feeling your best self. Think of it as an upgraded trip to the nail salon and try not to feel guilty because you deserve this day to go off without any issues! The beauty of boudoir is that you have free range to express yourself however you feel most attractive. It is important to talk with your professional boudoir photographer about what the end goal is for your session, so she can have some ideas ready for the big day. We are going to go over the top 3 looks that are most popular in a boudoir session, this does not mean you have to do these looks, but it is something to think about before the big day. Note to self, be sure that whatever you are wearing fits comfortably and not too tight or lose. You do not want to be uncomfortable during your session you want to be able to pose properly without discomfort. Now, let’s get started on the top 3 looks you can think about trying!

Body Suit, Boudoir Photography, Washington DC


Bodysuits are like the ultimate sexy, but not too revealing favorite option of almost every woman who steps into a boudoir studio. Body suits look amazing on every body type without revealing too much, if you are worried about that sort of thing. From lacy bodysuits to velvet, long sleeve, thong style, deep V and more… there is a style for everyone. Best part – they come in basically every color you can imagine, and at every price point. If you’re not sure what to wear, start looking at bodysuits, which are also referred too as teddies. If you look you can find so many different variations of them, and we are certain you can find one that expresses who you are.

Boudoir, Washington DC, Baltimore

Fishnet tights

These are a show stopper. They carry the shock factor and leave a lot of room for different looks for you to pick from. Fishnet tights have been around as a style for women for many years, and these too look good on every body type and woman. It does not matter if you are big or small framed you can rock these no problem. Pair them with a thong underneath, or nothing! As an alternative, fishnet thigh high stockings are also gorgeous! Fishnets are super affordable too, and some even come in multipacks. So you can play around with different looks for your boudoir session.

Boudoir Photography, Washington DC

White Tank Top

A classic white tank or crop top and a thong. Simple. Sexy. This is a very casual look with just enough sex appeal to turn heads. A simple tank top may not seem like much but these also are flattering on any body top. If you are not the lingerie type this is the look you should rock in your boudoir session. You can add a necklace for a prop to stand out, a tie anything really can go with this look. Boudoir is all about making you feel the best you have ever felt, and if that is in a simple tank tank top, I say rock it!

Black Lace Boudoir; Bringing Sexy back

Black lace Boudoir is located in Fredericksburg Virginia. Her Clients are based in Washington DC, Maryland, Jamestown, Williamsburg, Annapolis, Baltimore, and other surrounding areas. Rami has an eye for putting all of those features you try to hide in the light and to help you to love the things about yourself that are effecting your self worth. If you look at her portfolio you can see her amazing talent in each and every shot you come across. If you are looking to learn to lay those negative thoughts to rest and start anew, contact Black Lace Boudoir and book your session and start your journey. Give her a call and discuss what you want out of the session and she can help guide you in the right direction.


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