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Welcome. If you are new to this page, then I am excited to have you, as well as those who have been following me for years. I adore you all! For the newbies, I am Ramilyn, the owner and dreamer of this beautiful business. I want to invite you to participate in something BIG this year. Our Social Butterfly Program!

Are you looking to share your story through the art of boudoir? Share your story with a supportive and encouraging community. Every year, we launch our Brand Ambassador program (known as the Social Butterfly). This program runs in 3-month terms (four times a year), allowing everyone to participate at least once. As a Social Butterfly, you are given a platform to share and offer the same love and support others will give you. Our private group on Facebook is full of like-minded women who adore being part of a positive community. There will be tasks and fun activities you will get to help create to keep the group lively, in-person and online! Enjoy themed sessions with the other Social Butterflies!

Being a Social butterfly is a lot of work, but it is rewarding work that is good for the soul. This year is the year you allow yourself to unlock the new you. Even though it is a lot of work, there are also great benefits to being a Social Butterfly. Your efforts will not go unnoticed here because, as a team, you will build long-lasting relationships, form bonds with other women over boudoir, and help encourage each other and other women to find their inner feminine. I know deep down in my soul that this year is gonna be the best year yet. Are you ready to be a part of it?

We want to help remind women to accept who they are as they are right this very minute. Not after they lose 10lbs. Not after surgery. Not after finances change. Not after your kids are grown in a few years. Not when you complete your goals. The raw YOU! You, right now, are reading this in your PJs or fancy clothes. You with messy hair or up-do. You can do it without kids or with them tugging at your shirt. I want women like YOU! Women who believe in something important, such as community over competition. Believe in finding their true self while being supported by a group of women who are doing the same thing. Do you want to be a social butterfly with me this year?

In this world, you may think it is impossible, but ladies. Nothing is impossible if you work for it. Here I am offering you an opportunity to do it with me and other like-minded women. Let’s make 2024 your reality of returning stronger, braver, and more resilient than ever before this year. Are you with me?

women over 40 beauty ambassador


  • Swag bag with a t-shirt, digital referral cards, and a few other surprises
  • TWO themed sessions and will receive (4) digital images to promote and share
  • Complementary Boudoir Experience at our downtown Fredericksburg Studio
  • Potential to earn up to $1800 in-studio credit, which would give you a choice to choose between a 10-image classic leather-bound album OR a digital gallery of 15 images from your complimentary Boudoir Experience 
  • Have forever access to attend exclusive Brand Ambassador Alumina events.
  • Get first access to any of our upcoming Retreats Destination Boudoir Experiences in 2025!


  • 4 energetic and outgoing women who want to brag about their boudoir experience!
  • These women would be super active on social media (Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok)
  • She enjoys engaging on social media and networking both online & in person. She doesn’t mind being recorded, participating in lives and other video content, or creating content.
  • They love to volunteer and help within their community to make their hometown a better place.
  • Can dedicate at least 10 minutes out of their day to engage within our private Facebook group
  • Must be 100% comfortable being in front of a camera during both photo sessions or lives
  • Loves challenges that require a little work but with a big reward

Let’s look back over the years.

Now known as the Social Butterfly program.

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Women embracing their beauty through the power of boudoir


  • You must live within 30 miles of Fredericksburg or reside in Washington, D.C., or Maryland.
  • Must be over the age of 21+
  • You cannot apply if you currently are a BA for another company, even if it is not a photography business for the full 3 months you are assigned as a Social Butterfly.
  • You cannot apply if you are currently on the books for a session in 2024 or 2025
  • Must sign a full model release that grants Black Lace Boudoir permission to share any and all images/videos taken during your term
  • You MUST be able to pay the creative fee of $250 once your application is accepted.




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