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Like every photographer before me... it started with a dying love for capturing still moments. The moments we wanted to cherish over and over again while savoring every last ounce of the excitement we felt during that very memory. We don't realize how precious those moments are until all you have left are photographs.


The WHY: I want to encourage other women to embrace and own their stories. A survivor of an abusive relationship and childhood, I know how important it is to own our stories and not allow our past to define our future. The first time I saw the images from my session with a friend, it brought tears to my eyes. (the right kind) I felt overwhelmed by the emotions, and I knew I needed to help other women in the same way in my heart.

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Boudoir photographer in Fredericksburg Virginia, Ramilyn poses next to a ladder.

In 2012 I faced the reality of my first marriage not being my forever, the struggles of what was to come of being a single mother, but also learning to cope with a miscarriage; I had hoped to mend my dying marriage. All this hit me immediately, leaving me roaming this earth for answers. Boudoir was just a small step in the right direction. It allowed me to take control of my story and see that I was worthy of so much more than I had ever given myself credit. At that moment, I sat staring at my images and realized that Boudoir was officially where my heart needed to be. I wanted to help other women who were indifferent to seasons in their lives love their bodies, minds, and stories.

Enough of the fluff. Let's get real for a minute.

They tell us as business owners to show our professional selves and write a pretty bio that shares who we are, what we have achieved, and what we are about. All of this is great, and I feel it is super beneficial in many ways, but the truth is. I am not always dressed to the nines like these images here. My fashion choices are pretty basic most days instead because I rather sleep longer than spend hours getting ready, and two, I want to be comfortable when I am out and about. My alter ego is a super sophisticate woman, and she is badass with her style, but the woman I show the world is just plain Jane. And that is fine by me. I hardly ever wear makeup, not because I don't like it or can't apply it; I prefer not to spend that time putting it on. Every morning I rush around to get my three kids off to three different places. So the truth is I could probably make the time to do it. Just not a priority for me every day. Now if they come out with a magic tool that styles your hair and does your makeup within seconds like in the Jetsons, I will be all about it!


When clients meet me, I am most likely not dressed up, either. I promise you my appearance does not make a difference in my ability to run or successfully take images. I want my clients to feel comfortable when they see me. They see a mother doing her best to juggle business and motherhood. Sometimes when I am doing video calls, my kids are running around fighting. They are occasionally lovely, just not when I want them to be—to me, being authentic by far more important than creating an unrealistic expectation that only exists on social media. I chat a lot when I am nervous, and sometimes I say very little. There is;t an in-between. When I am in my creative zone, I tend to be clumsy because I am zoned into mastering my craft to make my clients happy. I speak my mind, but I am also a people pleaser who sometimes will carter for others more than myself. If you are someone who takes advantage of that, please don't bother trying with me. I also have a sharp tongue and know how to use it if needed. Ask my husband; he married a mouthy woman. I like to cuss but typically tone it down while in the studio. Although I can be mouthy I care deeply for those around me. Sometimes I feel awkward since I enjoy my own company more than the company of others. One of the great things about being awkward is my awkwardness helps clients feel less awkward. So that is a plus!

The truth is I am shot of whiskey, but I ain't for everyone. That is fine too. After all these years being real has paid off, so I am not about to change who I am to please others.

Xoxo ~ Rami



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