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Couples Boudoir | Brooklyn, New York – Fine Art Boudoir

The love and connection between two souls is somewhat rare today.  Some may say we live in a world where love has no meaning, where spending your entire life with one being is far too much for one to handle.  I have to disagree, though I do believe true love is rare. However, as an artist, I have the ability to see the world in a different point of view. Like being able to focus on the small and simple things in life. Watching from a distance and being able to cherish the simplicity of two people in love interact with one another.  It allows for me to focus my attention on elements that may be overlooked or quickly dismiss.  It’s at that very moment when you are able to watch the love of two souls truly connect because they can do the most simple thing, but their passion radiates throughout the room.

Couples boudoir has a way of capturing the most intimate moments between two lovers. It’s sexy, it’s steamy but what I love the most is that it is raw. Those genuine moments that no one gets to see not even the two that share their love. Have you ever wonder what your love looks like on the outside?  Couples boudoir gives you that opportunity see outside looking in. It gives you the chance to see that bond and connection you two have for one another in a different view.

When one is loved so deeply, they have confidence in themselves that shines so bright. It’s at that very moment you get a small glimpse of the influence each soul has on one another.  I remember what it was like to feel unloved and so unworthy, but the day I met my husband was the day I realized what these very things I am speaking of mean and how they can change so much.

Our world may be scary, most days it seems uncertain, but the only thing that keeps this world a happy place is love. The love between a mother and their child, a father and his son, grandparents love for their grandchildren, the love of a couple. Love is a strong word, but its power has so much potential to change the life of one person and many others. Being able to witness the love and affection of a couple is what has given me hope. It continues to make me believe that as we go through life, there is still good in a world full of unpredictable evils.

I got the chance to witness love during my time in Brooklyn between three couples.  It was magical and so beautiful that even trying to put into words my excitement of being able to witness so much love between all the couples and everyone who attended is difficult. But what I do best is capturing it.  So here is it!

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Location: West St. Studios
MUA: Haily Boam
Models: Damon Gillespie & Grace King
Workshop: The Babetown Safe House


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