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A timeline of a day in the studio – FXBG Boudoir Studio

Once you contact Rami for the first time, you’ll see why she’s the best! She goes over everything you need to know about a luxury experience at Black Lace Boudoir. She goes over the products, packages, pricing, payment plans and the details of how a typical day in the studio goes. She makes sure to answer all of your questions, so feel free to ask away!

Once you lock in your date, the fun really begins! You get to start planning your dream session. From your hair, makeup, outfits, props and even poses. If you aren’t sure what you want, Rami will guide you and give you ideas. Don’t forget the client closet with over 450 items for you to use during your session!

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Utilizing a payment plan or doing a pre-payment agreement gains you bonuses! You get access to exclusive sets like the angel wings and the new shower scene. Rami has created even more payment options this year to help make this experience obtainable for all budgets. Plus adding the perks of the exclusive sets makes it even more exciting!

There’s tons of guides, important information and reminders that get sent out from the time you book until the day of your session. So you never miss a thing! Not including all of the personal messages for planning and questions between you and Rami.

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Once your day approaches, Rami will make sure you’re all set. All you have to do is pack your items and show up! Rami only takes 1 client per day, so the day is literally all about you! 

The day of my shoot I grabbed my duffle bag full of lingerie, shoes and props and headed over to the studio. I was greeted by Rami and introduced to Tiffany, one of her makeup artists. I showed Tiffany pictures of the makeup inspiration I found online and she made it happen! I let her know that my hair does not hold a curl well, so she took extra time on it to make sure it stayed during my shoot.

After hair and makeup, Rami helped me pick the first outfit to start with. I literally had a bag full, because I kept changing my mind. She turned the music on and my photoshoot began! She makes sure you are comfortable and having a good time during your session.

2 hours later we took a break. This is where the behind the scene magic begins. Rami edits your pictures while you grab lunch or go take a stroll through downtown. Her studio is on one of the busiest streets, which is actually a good thing. There’s cute little shops and tons of restaurants just right next door.

After about an hour break I got to have the big reveal! I got to see my images right there. It was so hard to narrow down my favorites, because I loved them all! Once you choose the images, she helps you design your products as well. There’s so many choices of colors, textures and designs to make your album unique to you!

The hardest part is waiting for your products to come in. You know how people say good things are worth the wait? Well, when it comes to your images they are! You will love how they turned out and you’ll be so happy you decided to book!

Take it from me, I have been knocked down about my weight my entire life. I still have a long way to go to be fully confident in my own skin, but these pictures help tremendously. I mean, even I think I look damn hot in the images Rami captured. 

You don’t need to lose or gain a single pound. You don’t need filler, lifts, reductions or enlargements to book a session. You’re beautiful just the way you are! If you can’t see it, let Rami show you!!!


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