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Feel Angelic in these Blush Wings!

Ms A’s session with our Blush Wings Set!

Ms A stands in front of the boudoir mirror with the blush wing set and some metallic pink pleasers.

Ms. A chose to use our Blush Wing Bonus set during her boudoir session! This set is an option available only with our premier Collections! It’s a stunning piece that will make you feel like a runway model! During her session, she paired these wings with some BEAUTIFUL pole heels!

Ms. A reached out to us wanting to celebrate her newfound confidence! She is a self-proclaimed “serial hobby jumper” with her main interests in creating and fitness. She’s done everything from spinning to running to pole dancing to weightlifting! She’s also been trying new things – which lead her as far as skydiving! Her interest in crafting has led her from sewing to brass to even broom-making! A true Renaissance woman, she also has a civil engineering degree! 

Ms A sits on the end of the bed in the boudoir studio while wearing the blush wing set and pink metallic pleasers.

When asked what made her decide to reach out to us, she said: Pole dance and weightlifting have both really given me more confidence in myself and my body – no more hiding! I’ve wanted to do boudoir since I became more aware of my sensuality and into the “sensual industry” as a whole for lack of a better phrase, and always thought I would just put it off until my wedding to justify it. But I started looking on Instagram lately and I fell in love with your sets and your style, and wanted to get in on it before I moved farther away! Plus, what better time to do it than now, when the only main responsibilities I have are for myself.

Before her session, we asked what she envisioned for her photos and she replied: I am hoping for a good mix of styles if that is okay – I really like the implied nude, white bedsheets, playing with shadows, movement, and maybe something like a tasteful kinky?? Also what really sold me on your sets were the angel wings, I need them! I probably just named everything out there but anything with a lot of skin or if there is a button-up or something, a lot of teasing.

As you can see, we were able to reach her vision, and beyond! Her photos came out absolutely stunning!!! And those shoes!!! They are so perfect with our Blush Wing set!!!

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A tushy shot of Ms A surrounded by the blush wings and kicking her pink heels into the air.


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