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There isn’t a shortage of reasons women choose to do a boudoir photo session. Some do it for personal reasons and others do it as a sexy gift for a significant other. Some of the personal reasons women choose to do a boudoir photo session include sexual expression, experimentation with something new, self-discovery, and even celebrating a major milestone in life. But what exactly does a boudoir photo session entail once booked?

Normally when a session is booked, it’s going to take up most of the day, usually anywhere from 5 to 6 hours. That’s because, in addition to the photo session itself, there’s also the preparation time before the shoot and the post-session editing that comes afterwards to improve the quality of the photos. When broken down, each aspect of a boudoir photo session takes up anywhere from 1 to 2 hours. Let’s break that down further! 

A Boudoir Photo Session Always Begins With Preparation

Boudoir Photography, Washington DC, Virginia, Maryland.

Boudoir photo sessions take place during the workweek (Monday through Friday) and aim to give clients a fully luxurious experience from start to finish. This includes taking the time to make the client look good for their session, which is why sessions always begin early in the morning, starting at 09:00 AM in the case of Black Lace Boudoir.  

As part of the preparation stage, a client is introduced to our professional hair and boudoir makeup artist to help bring out their best features and make them look their absolute best for their shoot. It is also during this time that wardrobe, accessories, and props are decided upon. Either the client brings their own props, accessories, and outfit, or they choose to use one from the studio closet. Sometimes, they’ll do a combination of using their own material and some from the studio.

A Boudoir Photo Session Can Take Up To Two Hours

Boudoir Photo Sessions featuring client posing at a black lace boudoir studio

Once preparations have been completed, next comes the photoshoot itself. The photoshoot is always the longest aspect of a boudoir session as it lasts anywhere from 1 hour and 30 minutes to a full 2 hours depending. During this time, the client is brought into the studio where she is photographed in various poses, using the outfits she chose and any accessories and props that she chose for the session. The client will receive verbal instructions from the photographer each time and will even have poses demonstrated for them as needed.

A Boudoir Photo Session Includes A Break Time

Boudoir Photo Session captured by Black Lace Boudoir at their luxury studio in Fredericksburg Virginia.

After the photoshoot is done, the client is given a 1-hour break to do whatever they’d like in the Client Lounge area or around Downtown Fredericksburg. This could include just walking around the downtown area, grabbing some lunch at a nearby food place, buying a cup of coffee, or just going sightseeing. In either case, there isn’t a shortage of things for a client to do in Downtown Fredericksburg during their break time. During this time, the photographer will be doing some base editing of the client’s final images. 

A Boudoir Photoshoot Includes A Same-Day Photo Reveal

Boudoir photo sessions by Black Lace Boudoir serving Washington DC featuring client posing on couch.

When the client returns from their 1-hour break, the boudoir session ends with a same-day photo reveal. The client will be seated in a designated reveal area where they are shown a photo gallery of anywhere from 60 to 80 finalized images. From here, the client gets to choose their favorite images for their collection and add any final touches as requested. They’ll also be offered a wide range of products to choose from for their photos, including album layouts, a wall collage, and show-stopping.

Rami is a professional boudoir photographer who lives for female empowerment and encourages women to embrace their own stories in all their authenticity. To learn more about how Black Lace Boudoir can give you the boudoir session of a lifetime, check out our portfolio and services pages for more details, or contact Rami at 540-369-4088 or by email.


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