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Boudoir Photo Shoot Near Me

boudoir photo shoot near me

Looking for a “boudoir photo shoot near me?” If so, you are in for an exciting, rewarding experience. Boudoir photography is all about celebrating your inherent fire—but there are some things you may want to think about before you first shoot to get the most out of your experience. In this blog post, we will touch on some of the most iconic, simple-yet-powerful props you can bring to your boudoir session that offer big rewards for little effort.

Top 11 Boudoir Photo Shoot Props

Are you getting ready for a boudoir photoshoot? If so, it’s important to choose the right props! Props can help add interest and intrigue to your photos. They can also help make you feel more comfortable in front of the camera. Here are 10 props that we recommend for your next boudoir photoshoot:

  1. Luxurious fabric. One of the simplest ways to add elegance and mystery to your photo shoot is to partially cover up using a soft blanket, curtains, or plain white sheets. Add an element of playfulness by stripping down to underwear or just bare skin and wrapping up in fabrics like silk, linen, or cashmere and take your boudoir photo shoot to the next level!
  2. Antiques. Going for a Betty Crocker/pin-up girl vibe with some antique kitchen appliances and a hand-sewn apron? Maybe you’ve got an antique rotary phone that brings strong flirty vibes. Vintage and antique props are an easy, low-expense way to add charm and personality to your boudoir session—so get creative and bring what you love into the studio!
  3. Twinkle lights or candles. This extremely cost-effective prop goes a long way toward adding magic and intimacy to your boudoir photo shoot! Ask your photographer in advance if they allow candles in their studio, or if they’d prefer that you come with warm-toned string lights instead of an open flame.
  4. Feathery accents. Looking for a simple way to add a big dose of personality to your photos? Add elements of feathery texture to your photos with a boa or a set of angel wings. Adding feathers to your photo shoot adds softness and depth while offering you an opportunity to expand your comfort zone. And what goes great with feathers? Elbow-length gloves!
  5. Flowers and flower petals. Similar in concept to the feathered accessories, flowers and flower petals bring softness, femininity, luxury, and a wild touch to your boudoir photo shoot. Whether you sprinkle rose petals over a bed or set them adrift in a milk bath, flower petals bring a whole other level of decadence to your intimate photos.
  6. Reading material. It may sound silly, but there’s something downright appealing about women reading—whether that be the “Finance” section of the newspaper or an ancient hardback tome. Whether you’re shooting for “boss diva” vibes or “witchy siren,” a well-placed book can bring an intellectual element to your photos that bring a whole other level of sex appeal. Don’t forget the sexy librarian glasses!
  7. Beautiful furniture. If you’ve got a vintage fainting couch or a hand-crafted wooden chair that you love, now is its time to shine! Your photographer will love playing the angles of your body off the angles of fine furniture, whether zoomed in for a closeup or panned out for a panoramic view.
  8. A hat, tiara, or flower crown. Put something on that gorgeous head, you queen! From headbands to halos, there are a lot of great head adornment options that bring character, charm, and fun to your session. This accessible accessory could be your favorite sunhat or as simple as a red ribbon in your hair.
  9. Statement piece jewelry. Looking for a necklace that draws the eye down the length of your body? How about your favorite dangly earrings to set off your eyes? Adding statement jewelry to your look is an easy way to incorporate a prop you likely already have at home—so bring something eye-catching and use it to inspire your photographer!
  10. Fur, leather, or vegan alternatives. We get it: not everyone loves to wear animal skins or fur. However, there is something to be said for the domineering leather bodysuit or the opulent, chesnut fur coat. Whether you are into the real thing or not, playing with texture in the boudoir studio is huge—so look for materials that absorb and reflect light, and that contrast with the texture of your outfit, hair, or skin. We’re pretty sure there are some awesome faux fur stand-ins and pleather lingerie you’d never know wasn’t an animal product…so there’s really no excuse not to jump into deeper exploration with yourself!
  11. Champagne bottle or martini kit. Love to cut loose every now and then with an exceptionally-crafted drink? Uncork your inner vixen with a celebratory bottle of quality champagne or an extra dirty martini. There’s nothing like champagne bubbles to bring out your sexier, bubblier side…so loosen your neckline, kick off your shoes, and get cozy.
boudoir photo shoot near me

Boudoir Photo Shoot Near Me

From props as simple as a few flower petals or a strand of twinkle lights to antique furniture or leather bodysuits, there are a lot of different directions you can take your boudoir photo shoot. Whether you’re a recurring boudoir enthusiast or a beginner just searching “boudoir photo shoot near me,” the main point of boudoir is to let your inner beauty shine. However this is best supported, selecting the right props for your personality and circumstance is a simple but effective way you can raise the bar on your next boudoir photo shoot.

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