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Boudoir Photographer: Behind the Scenes of My Own Boudoir Session

I know many of you ladies are have trusted me as your boudoir photographer to capture your session.  Trusted in me to give you an experiences you will enjoy and talk about for a long time with your friends. I would like to share with you why I, as a photographer, choose to do a boudoir session.

In March of 2013 I lost a beautiful baby at around 8 weeks.  A child I desperately wanted and was taken too soon.  I was so upset and deeply hurt.  I just shut down, I became numb to everything.  My passion for photography slowly started to die and I began to be someone I wasn’t.  As a mother I couldn’t let my daughter suffer from my own pain. I have to learn to cope with it and move on the best way I could.
So I turned to photography which allowed me to look at myself in a different way.  As  Boudoir photographer I knew the experience with boudoir was empowering but I  never knew how much it truly was such a great confidence booster.   I decided what the hell, why can’t I enjoy myself like all my clients?  I did my make up, fixed my hair (which are rare to begin with) grab a bunch of clothes and went out to a farm near my home.  My best friend came up to help me create my ideal boudoir session.  We spent the evening chatting, laughing and just having a great time.  It was something I needed more then anything.  I love how just having a day to enjoy yourself and truly leave such an amazing impact for years to come.  I still remember this day and how much fun we had shooting.   Boudoir gets mislead to be consider a gift for your other half.  But truthfully it can be a gift to yourself.   I promise you the experience alone is worth it!  I am in the process of planning another Boudoir session.  My body is very different now after having my second daughter and I am lacking the confidence from the extra weight.  I cannot wait until Spring as we (friends and I) are planning a great style shoot!

But if I can do a Boudoir session as a professional boudoir photographer, so CAN YOU!



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