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Boudoir portraits are as fancy as they sound. Like regular portraits, boudoir portraits do more than just replicate the image of a person in sexy clothing. They capture personality, mood, and essence. As an art form, there is no shortage of ways to shoot memorable boudoir portraits, and in just using these three main poses, women can get the most out of their boudoir experience. What are the three best poses for a boudoir session? Let’s talk about them!

The Boudoir Portrait Chest Pose

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One of the more commonly used poses in boudoir portraits is the chest pose. There is a lot of versatility that is enjoyed with the chest pose and is one of the best for teasing the viewer with implied nudity. Chest poses can be used in full-body portraits or closeups, both of which offer new and interesting perspectives. 

The choice of clothing can also be a determining factor in chest posing. During a boudoir session in which a woman is showing cleavage or wearing a laced garment that emphasizes the shapes of her breasts, this style of clothing is perfect for a chest pose. Similarly, if the woman is wearing any accessories or jewelry that draws attention to her neck, shoulders, and cleavage are also perfect for chest posing.

In boudoir sessions in which a woman is wearing nothing but a sheet, a towel, a loose robe, or even a man-sized dress shirt can also be used in chest posing, especially if they, once again, emphasize cleavage, the breast shape, neck and shoulders.

The Boudoir Portrait Back Pose

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Another popular and equally sexy pose in boudoir portraits is the back pose. This is a great pose to use for partial nudity that places a lot of emphasis on the butt. It is also a great pose for women who want to show off their wonderfully sexy curves and hourglass figure. 

The back pose is often photographed with the full-body visible and is rarely used in closeups as boudoir is all about female sexual empowerment, not objectification. As such, women can be photographed standing, kneeling or squatting and these back poses are shot using various camera angles depending on what the woman wants to show off.   

The back pose is a great pose for women who are minimally dressed. It goes without saying that women wearing thongs, fishnets, sexy lingerie, underwear, and even swimwear that shows off their finely-shaped backsides often opt for back posing. It’s also a great pose for women who are only covered by a bed sheet or blanket with nothing but their backside showing.

The Lying on Furniture Boudoir Portrait Pose

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The third most popular and highly versatile pose in boudoir portraits is the lying on furniture pose. This is the pose that provides the most flattering view of a woman’s body, whether she’s lying on her back in bed or lying on her stomach on top of a couch. This is a great pose that places a bit more emphasis on the woman’s face and limbs while still showing off her full body.

For the lying on furniture pose, women also get to do more with the positioning of their arms and legs, especially while wearing light clothing such as a unitard, lingerie, and sexy underwear. Women also get to show off their amazing facial features when they tilt their chins upward, whether facing the camera or looking away.  

To learn more about how Black Lace can help you realize your dream boudoir photo session, what looks and poses will work best for you, feel free to check out our portfolio or send us a message


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