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Celebrate Menopause with a Boudoir Session


It is not the end it is the beginning of a new era

I am not sure that any woman is really ready to go through menopause or that the first though is to celebrate this change of life, but maybe after this article you will see it is important to celebrate! Reframing menopause as a positive life event can help reduce the impact symptoms have on your life. However, we can also choose to focus on the wonder and strength of a body that’s served us resolutely through times of sickness, health, and physical challenge. What better way to celebrate a change in life than booking a boudoir session! Menopause can have a positive impact on your life as well; for one thing, not all physical changes caused by reduced female hormone levels are negative. For another, many of the emotional and social changes can actually be energizing. With Menopause, may women feel all kinds of emotions, but that it needs to change to feeling good about yourself, and boudoir is proven to help you view the entire process in a different light. Feeling powerful and seeing your beauty is definitely a confidence booster. Look at this time in your life as your moment to shine.

Accept the Change

Boudoir photo shoots encourage you to love and embrace your body and have a new appreciation for yourself just they way you are. Finally wear the lingerie that has been sitting your drawer with the tags still on them. You’ll have the perfect “excuse” to step out of your box and try something new! It is easier to accept when change comes to us instead of fighting against it. If you change your perspective it can really help the process. Boudoir shows a side of you that you may have forgotten was even there. It is important to remember that you are fierce, you are strong, and you are amazing! So many women book boudoir sessions just to feel the impact of the empowerment behind them. If you are still not convinced that a boudoir session cannot help you get over those menopause blues, read the powerful testimonies of many women we gave it a chance. An entire day that is all about you, to feel sexy and to have your hair and makeup done, and then to see those final photos will leave you feeling powerful! Age is just a number and you are beautiful and amazing no matter your age. Take ahold of the years behind you and make this the day you glow up and feel the most powerful you have ever felt. After all you have experience now and you have learned so much throughout life, and it is time for the world to see you flourish and grow.

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Black Lace Boudoir; Empowering Women

Professional boudoir photographer Rami wants all of her clients to see in themselves what she can see in them. For you to leave her studio feeling like the best version of yourself. She has an eye for the perfect shot, and makes you feel like the most gorgeous woman on the planet when you are having your session done. Her kind sprit and uplifting personality really give the extra kick to have the best boudoir session you could imagine. Book your session with her today and let her show you at your highest potential!


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