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Classic Boudoir |Abounded House // Culpeper, VA

Sometimes its that spare of the moment as you are traveling through the area and you see this house.  You think WOW this would be an awesome place to take some sexy pictures.  WHY not do a classic boudoir session in an abounded house? I mean who does that?  ME!  I come up with some crazy but unique ideas and I couldn’t past down the opportunity to shoot here at this house.  Miss K helped me out by breaking me back into the ropes of what I love doing. Shooting Boudoir…especially classic boudoir.  It had been almost a year for me not shooting boudoir and I couldn’t take it any longer.   We work together on ideas and brought to life my vision of this “abounded” house theme session.  I was lucky enough to shoot 2 other sessions here before they bulldoze the house down.  The fun lasted and I got some pretty amazing images from her session to share with you all.  She is ONE hot momma!  Did you know she has two kids?   Yes, You can do this TOO!   She rocked her classic boudoir session like a pro.  && and I am honored she trusted me to capture these awesome portraits of her.


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