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A Gift to MySelf – Fredericksburg Boudoir Photographer

Sometimes it’s okay to be selfish; especially when we have faced the unthinkable.


The dirty little word that many hate to speak of or even think about.  I remember the devastation that surrounded my own divorced even though I decided to leave. Everything I knew and had was thrown into the air for me to figure out how to juggle once it came crashing down.  I thought once I walked out the door things would go back to normal and everything would be good again. That is far from the truth – at least for me, it was.

Fredericksburg Boudoir Studio - A Gift To Myself

Over the last 8 years of having this business, I have worked with a number of women who contacted me sharing their stories and bringing up the hardships they faced after their divorced.  The biggest thing I remember through every story is that they were searching to rekindle their love for themselves. Divorced can take a lot out of you, so it is only natural to find something to help you recharge and give you a refreshing new start to your life.  Each of them touched my heart as we celebrated the NEW ME in them and celebrated their new life as sexy single women!  It’s okay to focus on yourself, there is no better time than right now to gift yourself the opportunity to see yourself in a completely different light.

“We all want to feel desirable by our partners, but what we forget is we need to love ourselves first.  It is the hardest thing to do, believe me, but It really is the BEST thing you can do.  When you start focusing on yourself so many things fall into place.  This new path of learning to love yourself FIRST will be the best gift you can ever give yourself.  Women need to value their worth and not allow someone else to dictate that value.  Compliments from others are great, but the compliments you give yourself are far more meaningful than that of someone else telling you. We should NEVER measure our worth by the number of likes on a picture or the comments.”

Fredericksburg Boudoir Studio - A Gift To Myself

Here is a bit of how my own divorced drove me to a life I never imaged for myself……

Eight years ago I was struggling badly in the mix of a cheating ex, a miscarriage, and the helplessness I felt.  My entire life was flip upside down. I started questioning everything about myself to the point I was breaking down when I would look at myself. Boudoir wasn’t even a thought at this point.

It wasn’t until another photographer approached me to model for them that I learned what it was. I actually had to google it because I had never heard of the word before.  When I did, I found myself thinking “what in the world”. I was extremely flattered, but I was in no emotional state to show off myself in that way.  So I kindly declined the offer. Now, looking back at it I regret not taking him up on offer.

Months went by and then I finally grew the courage to say FUCK IT.  I took the plunge to do a session, and damn did it feel good to put myself out there and be vulnerable with myself!  After that, I wanted to gift this experience to other women. Show them they could find themselves or learn to love who they were, right then and there. The powerful experience I felt cannot be expressed in any words. Still to this day I struggle with coming up with the right words to explain how it felt.  It just felt GREAT to see myself look sexy even though I was a mom!  It also was a good reminder that every time someone made me feel ugly that they were the ugly ones.

Fredericksburg Boudoir Studio - A Gift To Myself

Fredericksburg Boudoir Studio - A Gift To Myself

Today, I have had the pleasure of working with many women who have gifted themselves a session after divorced or even just because of a gift to themselves. Together we have shared our stories, many tears, and laughter.  I love their willingness to try something outside of their comfort zone and the trust they have in my team to give them an amazing experience! I honestly do believe The Boudoir Experience is a life-altering experience for my clients. If you are not at least 80% committed to opening yourself up to new things, you may not get the FULL experience it has to offer.

My goal is to share with you the beauty I see. Every woman is beautiful in her own unique way.  So I do not want you to look like ever other women you see on our website, I want you to look like yourself, but I can help you achieve the same poses that I show my clients.


Fredericksburg Boudoir Studio - A Gift To Myself

These images are of an amazing woman who is pretty badass chick. I love her and her reliance with everything she has been faced with. She is stronger than she realizes. When she was going through a change in her life I convinced her to do a session for herself.  Thank you, Ms. J, for allowing me to share a few images from your session. <3


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