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Hot Tips for a Plus Size Lingerie Photoshoot

Are you a voluptuous babe with curves? If so, when was the last time you really celebrated yourself? You don’t have to be a fan of boudoir to be interested in what a plus size lingerie photoshoot can do for your confidence and self-esteem. In this blog post, we’ll give you some tips for nailing your next plus size lingerie photoshoot. From poses to lighting to outfit ideas, we’ll help make sure you look and feel your best. So read on for some red-hot boudoir ideas for your upcoming session!

Strike a Pose

We’ve heard of the magic of so-called “power poses” in Ted Talks emphasizing the importance of body language in professional environments, but how you hold yourself in your photoshoot is everything! But don’t worry—a professional like Rami will guide your every pose down to your toes so you are captured in your most flattering light. Here are some of the top poses to consider for your plus size lingerie photoshoot:

1. Plus Size Lingerie Photoshoot Staple – The Arched Back

If you’ve got a curvy, hourglass figure, now is the time to show it off! Arching the back is a great way to accentuate your bodacious bod, whether captured in the form of a silhouette, frontal portrait, or a shot from behind. If you’re feeling particularly cheeky, try looking over your shoulder at the camera for a flirty vibe.

plus size lingerie shoot with Black Lace Boudoir, Virginia.

2. Casually Reclining on Cushions or a Soft Surface

Now’s your opportunity to get cozy during your plus size boudoir photoshoot. Soft textures like sofa cushions or memory foam mattresses bring an element of warmth to your photoshoot and help to capture your beautiful self in your best light. And it’s great for plus size lingerie photoshoot pose!

Ebony Boudoir featuring plus size boudoir

3. One of The Best Plus Size Lingerie Photoshoot Poses – Crawling on Your Knees

Beckon to the camera with your sexiest “come hither” look! Resting on your knees will help to accentuate your natural curves and will immediately add a steamy element to your boudoir photoshoot.

plus size boudoir photography in Virginia by Black Lace Boudoir

4. On Your Back

Why not lean back and let your curves speak for themselves? With some soulful eye contact with the camera, you’ll wind up with some stellar shots that you can cherish for many years to come.

Plus size boudoir photographer Fredericksburg, VA

5. Popped Hip/Hands on Hips

An experienced photographer will help guide you through this one. By accentuating your body’s natural angles, you will accentuate the positives already present and enjoy a blazing hot final product. Show off your beautiful curves with plus size lingerie that accentuates your best features!

Washington D.C. boudoir photography

6. The Bath Shot

Suds up some bubbles and slip into a warm tub for an extra sensual shot. The smooth lines of the tub will play beautifully with your skin and lighter colored tubs also double as a reflective surface for additional lighting.

plus size lingerie photography Black Lace Boudoir
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7. Arms Over the Head

Raise those elbows up and let your curves do the talking! This pose particularly emphasizes your hips and accentuates your voluptuous frame. Show off your beautiful plus size lingerie and feel (and look) like a goddess!

high end boudoir photography Washington D.C.

Lighting Best Practices

Selecting the right lighting for your photoshoot is something you can certainly discuss with your photographer prior to the session—but it’s true that certain lighting is just more flattering than others. Soft, warm lighting is best for accentuating the best parts of what your maker gave you and de-emphasizing anything that you might not want the camera to focus on. Some ideas for lighting for your plus size lingerie photoshoot include:

  • Focus lighting on curves: By using a spotlight to accent your natural curves in an otherwise dark frame, you are setting yourself up for a dramatic, glamorous look. Playing with shadows is a great way for your photographer to emphasize your appeal without any extra work on your part, too.
  • Tap into natural light: Whether you photoshoot for the angelic, warm glow of Golden Hour with an outdoor photoshoot or take your photos in the illumination of filtered sunlight, natural lighting is almost always inherently flattering.
  • Try out some black and white shots: Are you interested in achieving a classic look with your photos? Ask your photographer about capturing a portion of your session in black and white and they will adjust their lighting accordingly.
Boudoir Photography, Washington DC, Virginia

Plus Size Lingerie Photoshoot Outfit Ideas

What you wear (or don’t wear!) to your boudoir photoshoot is entirely up to you, of course…but there are certain looks that are going to set your body off in front of the camera. Here are some of our favorite plus size lingerie photoshoot outfit ideas:

  1. Your favorite plus size lingerie ensemble: It may seem like it can go without saying, but there’s really nothing like the confidence boost that comes with donning your favorite set of lingerie. This is an easy way to add instant appeal to your photos and definitely gives you a fun excuse to pamper yourself with a new garter belt and stockings!
  2. Nothing at all…but a sheet: Playing with your level of skin exposure can add a layer of sophistication to your photos while still upping your sex appeal—making for a classy final photo.
  3. A sexy bra with your favorite robe: Feeling like you want to show a little skin but demonstrate some of your other layers as well? By selecting some articles of clothing that portray your personality, you can add more dimension to your photoshoot while still flaunting your sexy side.
  4. An oversized shirt: Whether you opt for wearing your bf’s button-up or your favorite crop top, an oversized shirt and your favorite underwear can bring the girl next door vibes while helping put you at ease for the duration of your photoshoot.
  5. Angel wings: Feeling soft and powerful at the same time? Don some feathery angel wings for a dramatic yet sensual look for your photoshoot. This classic look also ages incredibly well for portraits you can treasure for a long time to come.
boudoir photography near me featuring plus size lingerie shoot

Black Lace Boudoir: Fredericksburg, VA Boudoir Photography

Planning your plus size lingerie photoshoot is an exciting time! Not only are you gearing up for feeling good, boosting your confidence, and looking your best, you’ll also have stunning portraits to keep and share with those who love to see you shine. Don’t you think it’s time to celebrate you?

Want to see some of Rami’s best work? Click here to browse her portfolio, or connect with her today for a pre-photoshoot chat!


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