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I’m a mom.. Can I really do this? | Fredericksburg Boudoir Studio


“When I first saw the model call from Black Lace Boudoir, I was so excited! I was thinking to myself, heck yeah, I can do this! Then thousands of thoughts ran through my head, such as I just had a baby 5 months ago. I have millions of stretch marks from pregnancies with two big boys! I’m a stay at home mom who lives in yoga pants and a messy bun. Can I really do this? And the thoughts went on and on. After a little while of torturing myself, I showed up to my appointment. I was so nervous and scared. I could only picture those dinosaur pictures that Rami posted on Facebook not long ago in my mind. I thought this is what everyone would see when my pictures were finished. After Nicole finished my hair and makeup I started to feel a little better. I thought in my head, I actually looked like the other ladies in the pictures that Rami posts! As we started taking the pictures I felt so comfortable. We laughed and laughed and then laughed some more! When we were done I felt like a whole new woman! And then I saw my pictures and they were beyond what I could have ever imagined! I had the hardest time picking my favorite! Rami is an amazing Boudoir photographer that made me feel so comfortable and sexy in my own skin! I can’t believe I hadn’t done this sooner!”

Miss. A





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