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Memories of Your Boudoir Session

Recreate your memories and boost your confidence after your session!

Recreating the memories of your session is an amazing way to slip back into that confidence you felt!

A boudoir session is a monumental experience to remember! It’s a day all about the true, authentic YOU! A day when you’re not “mom”, “grandma”, “wife”, “co-worker”, or any of those roles. You are you! 

A lot of our clients choose to come back for multiple sessions because of that feeling. It’s something that you’ll remember for the rest of your life.

But sometimes, you want to completely immerse yourself in that feeling again, get all of your senses back to that level

We have some tips to help recreate those memories! Here is how you can stimulate your senses and slip back into that bad-ass mental state again!


A beautiful album creates a life-long memory of your boudoir session.

Your photos! Look at your album and take a moment to remember that those photos are YOU! That you are absolutely beautiful and nothing can ever take that away from you. A lot of our clients will hang wall art from their session somewhere where they will see it every day while they get ready as a reminder that they are amazing! If wall art isn’t your thing, keep your album on your bedside table – leave it open to your favorite photo so that when you wake up every day, you are greeted by a loving reminder of your beauty. 


Ms. A stands in front of a full size mirror and zips up her lilac purple Lingerie that she brought from home and she can put it back on to remember her session!

Lingerie! When you come into your session, we always suggest choosing at least one outfit from your own closet (the rest can be from our extensive Client Closet if you choose!). If you’re ever feeling down or not yourself, slip back into that outfit! Strike a pose! You’ll remember your session and feel sexy all over again! 

Speaking from personal experience, this is SUCH a confidence booster after your session! I feel like a  celebrity when I put my outfits from my session back on! I’ll put the outfit on and look at my photos to really reconnect with them!

Check out our Instagram for some outfit inspo!


Ms. J lies on a luxurious rug, dressed in red lingerie and a fur jacket. She is surrounded by records from our bonus record set.

Playlists! Did you know we have a Bluetooth speaker in the studio specifically for our clients to connect their phones to? We ALWAYS suggest making your own playlist of music that makes you feel your absolute best! Our only request is that you keep it pretty upbeat – that way we can make sure to get some candid smiling photos!

When you create a playlist specifically for your session and play it during your session, you’ll be brought back to your memories every time you listen to those songs! We’ve had clients play every genre of music! From heavy metal to pop to alt, to rap, to r&b, to country, and more! We looove finding new music from our client’s playlists! After your session, that playlist becomes the ULTIMATE “get pumped” playlist for any future events! As you do your makeup and get dressed for something, you’ll feel that confidence from the day of your session!


Ms. K (out of focus) holds a candle in a dark and moody photo.

Candles! We are working on getting a Signature Scent candle for the studio! Once we have it, we’ll be lighting it for every session to make a unique sensory-driven memory! And it will be available for purchase! So you’ll have the option to buy the candle and burn it later down the road to evoke memories from this experience! 

You can also do this with perfume! Just like with a wedding, you can buy a special perfume that you will wear when prepping for your session (lingerie shopping, hair & nail appointments, packing your outfits/props for the session) and during your session. This will connect that scent with the feelings you have during the session. And whenever you need a quick “pick me up” and don’t have time for any of the above options, just spritz on your “boudoir perfume” and let those memories resurface! 


Your favorite drink! Did you know that your favorite drink can make an amazing prop? Bring a sealed bottle of your favorite liquor, wine, or beer to the session and use it as a prop! You can also bring in your favorite mug for coffee or tea! (Please note: we do not allow open alcoholic beverages in the studio due to liability – but you can bring in “mocktail” ingredients to recreate the image of your favorite drink! We like apple juice mixed with seltzer to make “champagne” and cranberry juice for red wine! There are endless possibilities!)

We suggest having a glass of your favorite drink the night before the session (only one, though! Hangovers are no fun!). And then, after your session, have another one (or two or three 😉 ).  You will feel remember the way you felt during your session every time you have that drink! 

I hope that was helpful to you! I strongly recommend using at least one or two of these ideas to help create an amazing experience during your session! You will love the way you feel and you’ll want to feel that again! 

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