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My Boudoir Session

Being a Boudoir photographer you always get asked “Have you ever had your own Boudoir session” and of course the answer is YES! The reason I started this amazing business was so that I could indeed share this amazing experience to other women like myself. I am now a mother of 3 (two of my own). My body no longer is what it use to be but I am proud of what It has become. The stretch marks, the scars and the baggy eyes have all lead me to my most amazing gift I could have ever been given. My children are my world and I am blessed to have them. But as a mother we sometimes let ourselves go because our children need something so that new shirt or that new shampoo or whatever else it may be just isn’t on the list. So our hair gets thrown up in a bun, our make up is last minute or nearly never on. Our clothes have stains from baby spit up or god knows what else. And our kids look like little Gap models and we look like we rolled in the Goodwill store too long. But hey, Us MOMS need a day of pampering. This why I choice to do my own boudoir is because I needed that confidence booster as I was lacking it. I needed to have my hair done all pretty and my make up giving me that “younger” looking face. I know this all may sounds super silly but guess what that is just how I felt. When I looked into the mirror I see those things and I hate it. I wanted to feel as beautiful as people would tell me I was. I wanted to see what other saw. So my friend and I took the day and capture my Boudoir session. Some people say they don’t think this is Boudoir because I am not in lingerie But ladies, guess what. Boudoir is WHATEVER you wish to make it. You can be in long sweater and leggins, A nightgown, a little black dress or whatever YOU feel comfortable having on. That is what makes Black Lace Boudoir completely stand out compare to many. We want you to be comfortable but also we want you to enjoy the experience and leave feeling more beautiful.

I enjoyed capturing my Boudoir look myself, because I am well lets face it a bit of a control freak. I rather take my own pictures and I know I am good at it. Plus I want to make sure that certain areas of my body are edited to my liking. I won’t brag but I believe I am pretty darn good at making skin look flawless so I just don’t trust anyone else. I am happy to say that I get the question a lot if I can take away certain things like tattoos and stretch marks or even take away birth marks and the answer is yes! We all have something on our body we do not like and believe me I have a scar I hate and I remove it when I take my own photos. That is why I always encourage clients who are seeking Boudoir photography to go with one who can make you feel beautiful but also make sure your images are touched up correctly!

But I cannot rave enough how much I love doing a Boudoir session for myself. I plan to do some more soon as I haven’t had any updated ones in awhile.


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