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Postpartum Boudoir Photos – Washington, DC

So, you just had a baby. Congratulations! The last thing on your mind right now is probably sex. You are trying to wrap your head around taking care of your baby and all the questions which come along with new motherhood. It may take a couple months, but eventually you are going to want to get back into the bedroom with your husband. After pregnancy most women see their bodies as a complete stranger. Nothing on your body looks the same as before you brought your precious little one into the world. Love may not be a big enough word to describe how you feel about your baby. However, finding love for your new body may be a little more complex. It may seem slightly strange to think about scheduling a boudoir session after having a baby. It is possible your session could help you claim your post-baby body and fall in love with yourself all over again. After all, you are still a woman!

Postpartum Black Lace Boudoir photos in Northern VA
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Why Schedule a Boudoir Session?

After the birth of a child, women sometimes have trouble reclaiming their bodies and themselves. Scheduling a boudoir photography session is one of the best way to get your sexy back. Oftentimes, women spend too much time being overly critical of themselves noticing every flaw. Their partners, on the other hand, have an eye which provides you with grace and beauty. When you do a postpartum boudoir photo session with Rami with Black Lace Boudoir, she helps you own your body. Rami is a professional photographer in the Washington, DC area. She helps women embrace their insecurities and remind women they are beautiful.

Anxiety Before Your Photo

It’s perfectly natural to get a little nervous before any session with a photographer. You begin asking yourself tons of questions. Does my hair look okay? Do I need more/less makeup? What is the best color to wear for my skin tone? These are all typical questions and nerves. After just having a baby, you may be struggling to find out if still fit into the lingerie you owned pre-pregnancy. One of the most important things to remember about your boudoir session is that you need to feel comfortable. If you are not comfortable in what you are wearing then your pictures will portray that. Try taking a deep breath and forgetting about how you feel in the lingerie and just enjoy the process. Having the right photographer to help you relax is also extremely beneficial.

Empowering Women in Washington, DC

Black Lace Boudoir’s photographer, Rami, wants every woman who enters her studio in Fredericksburg, VA to leave with a sense of empowerment and more self-confidence. Rami follows the guidelines of “if I can do it, so can you.” She does this through getting into poses for women or assisting them in finding new poses they may not have thought of. No one walks in the door knowing exactly how to look sexy in a photograph. It is the photographers job to pull that out of you. If your photographer moves quickly enough, you don’t have any time to think about if you have any imperfections showing.

Ready to Sign Up For Your Boudoir Photo Shoot?

Now that we’ve eliminated common misconceptions and myths about boudoir photography, now is the time for you to sign up for your own boudoir photo shoot! We are the premier boudoir photographer Washington D.C., Richmond, and Northern Virginia women choose for their boudoir experience. Contact us today to get started!


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