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Do you need a little inspiration for your upcoming Bridal Boudoir session?   I know many of my clients have different styles.  That makes each Boudoir session simply unique to each of you.  When it comes to choosing something it may be hard to find that “perfect” set.  So I have put together a small collection of pieces that caught me eye that are not on the bold side but yet are very elegant bridal boudoir offerings and allow the subjects to look absolutely radiant.

The colors are soft which will allow you to be the focal point of your day.  Sticking with more neutral tones for your lingerie is very common when looking for pieces to purchase for your bridal boudoir session.  I always find these colors to be very flattering to all body times which is why I only recommend them when helping you plan your session.   I love Bridal Boudoir,  WHY?  One you are doing this as gift to your other half which you are all excited and thrilled to hand him that beautiful album of perfectly taken portraits of yourself.  Two, they are tons of FUN and allow you to release some of that wedding stress (which we all have through the planning process)  so why not get a day of pampering done just for yourself?  Enjoy some girl time, a glass of wine and rock that session with those heels up!

Want to do something with a beautiful lace nigh grown?  These two pieces are from anthropologie and are stunning!  They offer such a classy look but has a hint of sexy to them.  These would be perfect for elegant Bridal Boudoir.   I love the vintage look they have and really are such a great statement piece that doesn’t make you feel too naked but yet you look and feel sexy!


If you want to go with the more traditional lingerie pieces a matching set is the way to go!  These beautiful vintage bra and panty set are just so darn cute!  Any skin tone will make these set stand out and will make you feel and look gorgeous for sure.


So if you want to try and go for something a little different and tab bit bold why not go with a full lace like corset?  PERFECT for a bridal boudoir or any type of boudoir.  This by my favorite of all the pieces in this blog.  I love the fact it is unique and still keeps the modest side to your session (if that is what you are going for).  It still keeps you guessing but yet its simply sexy enough that you do not even need to show much else.   The lace is so timeless it really makes for a perfect vintage inspirted session if you are going for that in your wedding OR if you just LOVE vintage like myself.


Each photograph is linked to the original website.  You may search through their inventory for the most recent and current items.  If you order through any of these sites and purchase one of the selected items (or close to it) you may apply a 10% discount towards your purchase of a 8×8 Album!


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