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Themes to Try at Your Boudoir Session

Yes, you did not read that wrong, you can do themes for your Boudoir Photo session! The possibilities are endless when it comes to themes. You may be wondering why you would do a theme, the reason is because it expresses who you are so the photos are displaying the beauty of being you. This article will give you a few ideas for a theme, which you can add your own personal twist to these most common forms of themes and make it your own. Take this boudoir session and view it as your time to shine and pull out parts of yourself that you want to be captured, themes help you achieve this goal!

outdoor boudoir photography northern virginia


If you are one who loves being outside and that is where you find your Zen, then an outdoorsy photo session is one you should consider! The possibilities are endless when you take this route—country, garden, woodlands, mountains, and even ocean front!

You could use flowers in your hair, leaves all around you, playful water shots even! Being outdoors adds a lot of natural elements to be included in your photos!


Females tend to approach the world with a more sophisticated approach. during your boudoir photo session, you can release that rebel within, and let her flaunt herself. Adding dark, rebellious, and all the mystery into your shoot with leave you wondering “where did this inner vixen come from”? Depending on the depth of darkness and rebellion you are wanting to use, you can use a skull as a prop or even a glass of wine down to a shot of whiskey.


When we think of any form of photo session we tend to think of how good we can look in them. If you are one who loves to dress to impress with all the glitz and glamour this theme would be perfect for you. Full makeup, jewelry, and other accessories are captured in your photos. If you notice in the example photograph her accessories and all her glam stand out in the picture, you aren’t just focused on her beauty but the elements in the photo as well .


The cozy theme is a common one you will see in your research for boudoir photography. This theme is more for those who want to do boudoir but with their own spin added in. As in the example photo she is in a cropped t-shirt and is expressing her love for food, something that creates unique vibes for this session. After viewing her photo you are able to gather a sense of who she is and what makes her happy in life.

Boudoir photos can be spun in many different diverse ways, and that is the beauty of it. Years ago our parents had glamour shots, a tool used then to create body positivity, but now we are pushing those boundaries away with a new twist on accepting who we are as women. This session is meant to capture the essence of who the woman within is, be sure to let your photographer know what you are thinking and together come up with a show stopping plan!


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