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Therapeutic Boudoir Photography

Therapeutic Boudoir Photography by Black Lace Boudoir, in Fredericksburg Virginia.

Therapeutic Boudoir Photography is many things for different women. For some women, it’s an opportunity to have fun and spoil themselves. For others, it’s an opportunity to feel sexy by doing something edgy. For others, it’s a chance to be bold and daring in a risk-free way. 

While doing something as fun and sexy as boudoir photography can be empowering, it can also be therapeutic. How so? In a society that tends to devalue women based on whether or not their bodies conform to very rigid, unrealistic standards of beauty, boudoir photography challenges those standards by allowing women to be beautiful on their own terms. 

Therapeutic Boudoir Photography Builds Self-Confidence

Therapeutic Boudoir Photography by Black Lace Boudoir, in Washington DC

In a therapeutic boudoir session, the woman is entirely in control and is never pressured to look a certain way. Because the woman decides the rules of her session, this can give her a significant boost of self-confidence. It’s not every day that she’ll get to feel like a queen and be treated to sexy articles of clothing in a fancy-looking setting. 

It’s also not every day she’ll have her authentic beauty celebrated and captured through various poses, strategic angles, and well-placed lighting. Better yet? The woman will get to converse and have fun with her photographer, which will help alleviate any anxiety or feelings of nervousness. Not only can this result in a highly satisfying session, but can leave a woman feeling a lot happier than when she first started her session! 

Therapeutic Boudoir Photography Provides Self-Growth

Therapeutic Boudoir Photography by Black Lace Boudoir, in Maryland

Related to self-confidence is self-growth. One of the toughest barriers for women to overcome that makes them reluctant to try boudoir photography is the feeling that their bodies aren’t good or beautiful enough. The thought of even showing off their skin can seem pretty scary and even produce feelings of anxiety due to the level of vulnerability involved. 

Since the focus of boudoir photography is authentic beauty and not commercial beauty, there is no pressure on women to conform to cookie-cutter standards of beauty. Women are not going to have their thighs trimmed nor have their waists made smaller in Photoshop to sell an ideal image or product. That is not what boudoir is about. 

At its core, therapeutic boudoir photography is about allowing women to come as they are and do something for themselves instead of someone else. This can do more than help overcome feelings of anxiety: a boudoir session can allow women to comfortably step outside of their comfort zone and surprise themselves with something they never thought they’d find themselves doing!

Therapeutic Boudoir Photography Liberates Women

Boudoir Photography, Virginia, Washington DC

The last thing to accompany self-confidence and self-growth is feeling liberated from the societal restraints that restrict women from being their full, authentic selves. In a boudoir session, women are given the opportunity to explore themselves fully and push new boundaries they didn’t think possible. 

In a therapeutic boudoir session, women can even discover new aspects of themselves they never knew existed by doing something that is outside of their normal routine. A boudoir session can even encourage women to pursue new life endeavors they may not have had the courage to previously pursue. A boudoir session can be unexpectedly transformative!

To learn more about how Black Lace can give you the experience of a lifetime, check out our portfolio and love notes from our clients. To book a session, visit our services page for details or contact Rami with any questions! 


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