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Top Boudoir Photoshoot Outfit Ideas

If you’re interested in your own boudoir photoshoot, you’ll be brainstorming ideas for what to wear. First, you will have to ask yourself questions like, “Will anyone else see these photos but me?” and “How do I want to feel during this experience?” For some, glamorous and done up feels like the right move, while others might take a softer, more natural approach.

Whatever makes you feel good, we’ve compiled a reference guide to help you navigate what to wear for your next boudoir photoshoot, so you get the most out of your experience.

Choose a Boudoir Photoshoot Theme

One approach to answering the wardrobe question is picking a theme. Maybe you are inspired by the outdoors and want to stick to an earth-tone color palette; or maybe you’re looking for a pinup- or cowgirl-inspired photoshoot; or maybe all you know is you’re inspired by the color red, and you want to include shades of red in your shoot. The theme doesn’t have to be set in stone, but it can act as an anchor point around which you and your photographer can play, brainstorm, and pivot.

When it comes to picking a theme, remember to consider where you want your boudoir photoshoot to be—do you want to capitalize on Golden Hour and take it outside, or would you rather explore the controlled lighting of the studio?

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Check In With Your Photographer

Picking a theme for your photoshoot is just the first step; you’ll also want to touch base with your photographer and see if they have any specialties or a new technique they’re hoping to try. Say your photographer excels at black and white photography—how will this impact what you decide to wear? For example, without the visual appeal of color in your photos, you may think about ways you can play with light and shadow or other methods of achieving visual contrast in your session.

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Play With Texture

How do you want your boudoir photoshoot to feel? Do you want to feel soft and sensual? Maybe an oversized chunky sweater is perfect for you, or maybe you’d like downy angel’s wings as a prop. Do you want to command your viewer’s attention? Maybe leather is more your thing. Feeling like strong is sexy? Why not wear your favorite denim jeans?

Considering texture is especially important for black and white photos but can definitely add a layer of depth to any boudoir photoshoot. Texture and lighting are great tools your photographer can use to create a visual feast for the eyes, so have fun with your styling! (For more information on tips your photographer may be using, click here!)

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Consider Accessories or Props

Once you know what vibe you’re going for with your photoshoot, it’s time to think about accessories and finishing details to take your session to the next level. Think about primping that you can do before a shoot, like getting your brows done, your hair trimmed, or your nails manicured. These things not only help you look great but will help you feel your best as well.

Next, when it comes to accessorizing, consider props you can include like statement clothing, a feather boa, a leather crop, or even your favorite jewelry. When selecting props, keep your theme in mind and opt for items that feel classic rather than inspired by current pop culture.

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Top 11 Boudoir Photoshoot Outfit Ideas

Want even more inspo for your boudoir photoshoot? Check out the following wardrobe ideas to get you started!

  • A gorgeous silky robe. Want to find the perfect intersection between sexy and cozy? Why not opt for your favorite silky robe? You will love the free, flowy, comfortable feeling with this luxurious and intimate look.
  • Your favorite pair of jeans. You know the ones we’re talking about…the ones that fit like a glove and make you feel like a hundred bucks? Consider dressing up your look with a bold neckline or a pair of shoes that makes you feel sexy.
  • An oversized shirt. Whether you opt for a breathable t-shirt or an oversized button-up, the “boyfriend” look can help put you at ease during the shoot while maintaining a “low profile” look. Plus, photos done in this style make excellent gifts and mementos!
  • Black lace…Or really any color lace, for that matter! It’s hard to go wrong with elegant classic looks, like those inspired by lace. If lace isn’t your thing, maybe there’s another textured fabric that you love: tulle, velvet, or linen come to mind!
  • A silk slip that makes you feel beautiful. When in doubt, there’s nothing that beats a classic silk slip. With a definite “behind the scenes” feel without being too scandalous, you don’t even have to share these photos with anyone to benefit from your boudoir photoshoot!
  • Whatever makes you feel cozy. Is it possible to be dead sexy in a pair of overalls or a giant sweater? Absolutely. And since boudoir is really about your experience, this low-maintenance look will have you feeling your best while allowing your inner beauty to really shine. What’s not to love about that?
boudoir photoshoot cozy
  • A fitted corset or other lingerie. Turn the heat up on your boudoir photoshoot with a fitted corset that makes you feel confident and desirable. The simple math is, if you start with a gorgeous corset and add your gorgeous self, the photos will be equally gorgeous!
  • A leather jacket. Want to show up for your photoshoot showing your badder side? Why not play with a little studded leather to get the most out of your session?
  • Your favorite dress. Whether your favorite dress is a sundress or a gown fit for prom, wear whatever makes you feel most confident. Try to choose something with movement, texture, or becoming colors.
  • A form-fitting bodysuit. This is a great option for those looking for a clean, classic look. A tight bodysuit can bring some elegance and class to the table while dishing up sexy vibes as well.
  • Go in the buff! If you’re feeling bold, why not bare it all in your intimate photo session. Whether you opt for a cloudy tub with fresh flowers or simply choose to cover up with a luxurious blanket, your skin’s natural beauty can do all the talking here.
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Ready for Your Boudoir Photoshoot?

As you can see, picking an outfit for your upcoming boudoir photoshoot can be as nuanced as selecting a color palette and lighting schema or as simple as putting yourself at ease in front of the camera in an oversized shirt. Whatever look you decide to go for, remember it’s all about having fun—so relax and really go for it!

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