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12 days of Christmas Boudoir Shoot

Christmas Boudoir, Virginia

Christmas is upon us

The holidays are quickly approaching, and a Christmas boudoir session would make an extra special gift for that special someone in your life. Not only is it the perfect, unique Christmas gift he can cherish and keep. But boudoir is an easy gifting option that will make you feel pampered and remind you how sexy and pretty you are as you create a Christmas gift for him. The content of the boudoir photos is relatively intimate and should be shared with your significant other. Consider giving the boudoir photos as a wedding gift or an anniversary gift. The sexy photos are likely to add some spark to the bedroom. In this article we will go over one idea for your session which is representing the 12 days of Christmas, you could gift these in anyway you wish or you can just do it for yourself, wither way it is an awesome win win for the holidays. Let’s get started!

Boudoir Photography. Washington DC

Undies & T-shirt

For the first look you can go for something simple yet intriguing. Your favorite undies paired with a t-shirt or tank, whichever you feel most comfortable in. Starting off the 12 days ”’looks” this way is a nice subtle introduction to what is coming next in your wardrobe change, you can get as creative as you want with this. Just have fun with it. You could do Christmas colors for your undies as well.

Christmas Boudoir, Fredericksburg, Washington


Props are always a bonus in any photo session that you do, but with a Christmas session you can add many different props to add some pop to your photos. Some ideas for this could be a Santa hat, red/green lingerie, or just a simple mug of cocoa. Props always add the element you may feel that your photos could be missing.

Boudoir photo session, Christmas

Simple Sheet

This is a nice little idea where you can have Christmas lights in the background or even a Christmas tree. Red sultry sheets would be a perfect setting and maybe a little garland for extra measure. A sheet in boudoir photography is beautiful no matter how you decide to use it.

Miscellaneous ideas

We have several other ideas for your Christmas Boudoir session. Mistletoe, an elf outfit, you can dress yourself up as a Christmas gift, and Christmas lights. You can also use a candy cane. The possibilities are endless when it comes to making your session as festive as possible. If it is snowing you can ask your professional boudoir photographer if you could maybe do a shot outside. A boudoir session gives you a chance to do something for yourself—to enjoy a little pampering and boost your confidence and self-esteem. When was the last time you bought some sexy lingerie? A boudoir shoot gives you a reason to go shopping for lacy looks that will make you feel fabulous. Celebrate this Christmas Season by not only surprising that special someone in your life but by giving yourself a gift of experiencing the empowerment a boudoir session will give you. Boudoir Sessions are sexy, and adding in a little festive fun makes it even better! What better gift can you think of to gift the one you love, this us unique and he loves you so he will be sure to love this when you hand it to him, and an added bonus is these gifts tend to spice up the relationship! What are you waiting for? Book your Christmas boudoir session now!

Black Lace Boudoir: Christmas Boudoir Session

Black Lace Boudoir strives to bring women out of their shells and to embrace who they are all while reminding you how beautiful you are. Check out their site, and book your session for Christmas. Boudoir is powerful in its own right, but adding a little Christmas cheer and gifting the one you love with the ultimate gift is going to gain you not only points with your partner but you will feel empowered by taking the leap of faith and finally having that boudoir session done!


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