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5 Simple Tips to Make Your Boudoir Session AMAZING

As the day of your boudoir photography session nears in Northern Virginia, it is 100% normal to be nervous. In fact, we don’t think we’ve had one single client yet that hasn’t expressed some degree of nervousness heading into their session. Nerves are to be expected, especially if this if your first boudoir experience (see our guide on how to prepare for your boudoir session). What we find after we get into the session is those nerves disappear as comfort levels and trust with our amazing photographer, Rami, builds. We’ve provided 5 simple tips below to help make your boudoir session nothing short of amazing.

Eat and Drink Water

The number one killer of momentum in a boudoir session is a hunger client. Since we are the premier boudoir studio in Northern Virginia, many of our clients drive from all over the state and Washington DC. Boudoir sessions can last several hours, which includes hair, make-up, and the photo shoot itself. Very quickly, it can turn into a long afternoon, especially if you haven’t eaten anything (or enough), and energy and enthusiasm can wane halfway through the session. Take care of your body on photo shoot day by eating a substantial breakfast or lunch. While we do provide snacks and refreshments as part of our full service offerings, you’ll be much happier during your session if you’re not thinking about how hungry you are during it

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Let Your Body Relax

Do yourself a favor and stretch, practice yoga, dance, or whatever it is you do to feel more connected in body and mind. This not only brings about mindfulness and relaxation but it will put you in touch intimately with how your body moves and feels. As an added bonus, it may even let you stretch that extra little bit into you favorite sexy pose!

Bring Outfits That You Love

When you schedule a boudoir session with Black Lace Boudoir, one of the many perks is access to our private client closet. We have dozens of outfits for you to wear during your session and you’re afforded multiple outfit changes during your boudoir session. However, you know what you like…nay, LOVE, best. When it comes to wardrobe, confidence is key. Bring along your favorite lingerie sets or matching bra & panties. If lingerie isn’t your thing, we can work with that too! The beauty of boudoir photography styles is that you can be just as sexy and sultry in a favorite t-shirt, lingerie, or your birthday suit!

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Practice Makes Perfect

Prior to your boudoir session, we’ll advise clients to keep their toes pointed, backs arched, booty out, shoulders down, and good posture when required. These all serve to elongate your body that create flattering shapes and curves. Practice on your own before your photo session on pointing your toes, arching your back, and good posture. We love when clients come prepared and the results are incredible!


A vital component of any boudoir session is Trust. By now you’ve done your research on how to pick a boudoir photographer in Washington DC and have had a free phone consultation with them. You’ve chosen your boudoir studio and photographer for a reason; they know what they are doing, have experience, and create a body positive atmosphere to help you express your best, most beautiful self. And of course, your images are YOUR IMAGES. We will never post or promote your images with your permission; boudoir is very personal and intimate experience, only you should have the final say in who gets to enjoy your boudoir photos.


We would love to have the honor of shooting your boudoir session. By simply reaching out, you’re entitled to a free phone consultation in which any and all questions will be answered about your boudoir session. If you’re ready to go, contact us today!


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