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A Boudoir Makeover! 

Boudoir Hair & Makeup

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One of the best parts about your boudoir session is the professional hair & makeup provided by Black Lace Boudoir! It is our honor to have some of the area’s top Makeup Artists on our Glam Squad! These amazing ladies provide outstanding professional hair and makeup services for all of our clients! 

Hair & Makeup is one of the first things we do when you arrive for your session. Right at 9:00 AM, we will have you take a seat in our Glam Up Chair and the Makeup Artist will start her magic! The hair & makeup portion of the day may take up to an hour and a half, but it is so worth it! Our Glam Squad is trained in enhancing your natural beauty with top-notch hair and makeup products! They are specially trained in boudoir makeup – which is entirely different from any other style of makeup you’ve probably had! 

Hair and Makeup  bold lip

What’s so different about Boudoir Makeup?

Great question! Any style of boudoir makeup is going to be admittedly much heavier than standard makeup. Yes, even the “natural” looks will have a heavy application of makeup. Don’t worry! This is on purpose! If you’re not used to makeup, it might be a bit intimidating, but we promise you it’s going to be wonderful! The reason why boudoir makeup is applied so heavily is due to the lighting and cameras in the studio. We are very proud to say that we focus entirely on natural light in our studio – which is why our photos come out the way they do! 

The Why

With this style of lighting and the way our cameras work – heavier makeup is required. Having a lighter hand with makeup for your boudoir session will leave you looking washed out – even if you’re super tan! We always try to make sure that, no matter what, your photos look representative of you! We will never push you to go “full glam” if you’re not comfortable with that style. However, we will try to gently nudge you into going a bit heavier than you’re used to. In the 10+ years of being in this industry, we have a pretty good grasp of how to make sure your photos come out amazing! 

hair and makeup full glam

There are so many different styles to do your makeup in! 

  • Bold 
  • Full Glam 
  • Dark & Moody 
  • Clean
  • Natural Glam
  • And more! 

How To Choose a Style

When you come in for your session, your MUA (Make-Up Artist) will ask you what style you would like and will list out a bunch of different ones to choose from! You can always show your MUA some Inspo pics from Pinterest or Instagram! Please just keep in mind that all faces are different and most photos on social media are highly edited. Once you’ve selected your style, your MUA will get to work! We’ll come in periodically during your makeover to see how things are going and help answer any questions! 

Once your hair and makeup are done, we’ll do a quick reveal where you can see your Glow-Up! This part of the day is always fun! You’re going to be blown away! Once you’ve given your approval, we’ll finalize your outfits and start the photo session! 

All in all, it’s an amazing way to start the day! You’ll feel like a celebrity getting ready for the red carpet!

Ready to have your own glow-up? Let’s chat! Click this link to schedule your free, no-obligation phone consultation!


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