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Promoting Self-Love & Acceptance | A Client Testimonial


I had my first Boudoir session with Black Lace and Rami as a Brand Ambassador back in 2020.  It is not by any means the first boudoir session that I have had, mind you. This was the third session with this wonderful lady and her fantastic company, and since then, I have booked three others, with one of them being a couples boudoir session with my husband.

boudoir client testimonial, couples session, promoting self-love in Washington D.C.
boudoir Client testimonial, women posing on a black she session in Washington D.C.

Being able to do this multiple times and share my experience with others is rewarding. I get to help promote love of self and acceptance of those around us in personality and physicality. I want to help others see the value in their lives and opinions and know that no matter what, you are worth everything you get and more. It is helping to show other women through photo sessions that there is no shame in showing yourself who you are in this very chapter and that being comfortable in your own skin is okay.

One of the greatest things about a session with Rami is that you can be yourself. I love that we can be real with each other, whether it is figuring out a pose or laughing about what we did last weekend. The two body suits/negligees we picked had some great poses to work with, and some challenging ones also. The implied nudes were fun, since that was something that I had been wanting to do for a while.

client promoting self-love with a boudoir session on a green couch - Washington D.C

Stepping out of my comfort zone was something that I needed to do to get this done the first time, but that faded fast at her studio. You see, like most women, I have a spot or two on my body that is not my favorite. It is so helpful to see yourself through someone else’s eyes, to see what they see. Your perception of what you look like is colored by your experiences, so a new lens with no past on it, makes all the difference in the world. My favorite part of last session was when we set up and did my floor shot. It was just knowing that it would come out right that made it exciting to do. Wow, did it turn out breathtaking! I have this image in a 12×18 wall art hanging in my room.

boudoir client testimonial promoting self-love in Washington D.C.

The reason for coming back time and time again is the way it makes me feel. After the session, I feel more confident in myself and my appearance, inside and out. It lasts for a while, and getting excited about what everything will look like later is the best feeling. I know that working with Rami is one of the most rewarding adventures I have had in my life. The Black Lace Boudoir experience is one worth having (sometimes more than twice). 😊

-Ms. H

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