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Ms. J’s Anniversary Gift Boudoir Session

Ms J booked a session so she could give her husband an anniversary gift. In this photo she is wearing a white lingerie set and is posing on the bed.
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Ms. J reached out to us because she had been wanting to do a boudoir session for a long time, but hadn’t found a purpose for it. When she realized that her second anniversary was coming up, she knew it was time to reach out! She had her purpose!  An Anniversary Boudoir Album for her hubby!

Now 31 years old, Ms J was born and raised in Columbia! She moved to the States in 2013 to study and experience a whole new lifestyle! While in the States, she earned her MBA and worked in production and marketing! 

Ms J strikes a power pose for her anniversary boudoir album.

Due to COVID-19, Ms J was unable to have the wedding of her dreams. Instead, she opted for a civil ceremony. She was finally able to celebrate her wedding in style this year and decided that the boudoir photos would be the perfect wedding/anniversary gift for her hubby!

“The principal reason is to give a present to my husband.  I know how much he loves photography and I am 100% sure he would love this. On another note, I love the artistic way I could be represented in pictures like these! “

Ms J is a fitness enthusiast! From CrossFit to dancing, she does it all! She’s also a fan of rock and philosophical readings! 

What made you decide to book a boudoir session?

Now that you’ve had your session, what would you like to tell others?

“I had the BEST experience with Ramilyn from the first phone interview till the day picked up the photos. I absolutely loved the makeup and hair session as they made it just like I wanted to look. Her studio has beautiful setups for the photos, natural lighting, and an AMAZING photographer like Ramilyn. She made the process very easy and provide all the resources to prepare the session; flexible options for the payment which makes the investment feel less overwhelming. The result was beyond what I ever imagined. GREAT QUALITY AND STUNNING PICTURES!

One thing I can assure you. YOU WON’T REGRET IT.”

Thank you so much, Ms. J!!! We can’t wait to have you back in the studio!

So why do a boudoir session for your anniversary?

Anniversary Boudoir sessions are SO much fun! You can incorporate things from your wedding (like your wedding dress), things that your partner loves (like their favorite shirt or hobby), and even introduce your partner to a side THEY don’t even know (hello bondage set!). Plus! Did you know that first-year anniversary gifts are traditionally paper themed? A boudoir album is a PERFECT gift!

Are you ready?

Do you have a wedding or an anniversary coming up? We’ve got the perfect gifts for you! Click this link to schedule your free, no-obligation, 15-minute phone consultation with us! We’ll walk you through all the details and answer any questions you have!

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Talk to you soon, babe!

Ms J lays on the bed in a black sparkly lingerie set for her anniversary boudoir album.


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