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Boudoir Throughout Time

The Evolution of Boudoir

Women embracing their beauty through the power of boudoir

 Boudoir has grown so much over the last century! It’s been around for a long time (by various names). But it’s only recently that it’s become accepted and celebrated by the general public.

Boudoir photography can be traced back almost to the invention of photography in the 1820s – even though nude photographs were mostly illegal! Let’s be honest, artists have never been one to follow the rules. And people have always enjoyed risque images (art and nudity go hand-in-hand, all the way back to ancient times!). Though not always called boudoir, this style of art has been witnessed for hundreds (and thousands) of years!

"Durieu, nude" - Jean Louis Marie Eugène Durieu - 1854, Public Domain, Historic Boudoir Photo from 1800's
“Durieu, nude” – Jean Louis Marie Eugène Durieu – 1854, Public Domain

Boudoir photography didn’t really gain traction until the turn of the century, however. In the early 20th century, after the prohibition, boudoir photos (then known as “pin-up”), took over marketing! It was around this time that burlesque shows made their appearance, and they would use photos of their dancers in their marketing. And goodness, did those photos draw in the crowds! 

The Surgence of “Boudoir” in Media

This was when businesses realized – “sex sells”. Suddenly, pin-up girls were everywhere! Even the US government used pin-up photos in their ads to recruit young men into the army. Pin-up art was widely supported by feminists because it finally allowed women to embrace their sexuality instead of being shamed for it. It also helped move fashion towards allowing women to wear more revealing clothes (we could show off our knees!).

"I Must Learn Where To Draw The Line" - Zoe Mozert 1945, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons, Historic Pinup Art from 1940's
“I Must Learn Where To Draw The Line” – Zoe Mozert 1945, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

However, there was still a stigma about taking such risque photos, the average woman wouldn’t have such photos taken of herself. “Risque” was only acceptable for models and the rich & famous. 

This started to change around the 1970s. Around this time the country truly started to celebrate feminism. Women started to love and embrace their bodies and cast aside the stigmatic shame of sensuality! In the era of “free love”, self-love started to blossom. Boudoir began to grow and turn into an act of empowerment, rather than a way to market products to men. 

Modern Celebration

Happiness is radiant - boudoir photography is a celebration of self

Boudoir has grown in popularity and is now celebrated by society. A boudoir session is often suggested by therapists as a way to boost one’s self-confidence and break free of the hypercritical self-image we tend to have of ourselves. 

It is now a bragging point to say that you’ve had a boudoir session, rather than something to be shamed for. Now, it’s not uncommon for a woman to have a large boudoir photo of herself on her bedroom wall (I have three!). 

Boudoir has become so popular that you can find multiple studios in cities near you that focus SOLELY on boudoir! It’s an art and a way of life!

Boudoir is an amazing experience. It’s a chance to be your true authentic self and show off your beauty! Don’t let negative self-talk get you down. You are BEAUTIFUL!

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