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Embrace Your Beauty | Fredericksburg Boudoir

“Always be brave enough to embrace your beauty.” -Black Lace Boudoir

Meet Rachel who is also a photographer!  It is an honored being able to work with another creative artist in the area that has the same passion at heart as I do.

Rachel has been in front of my camera several times, and each time I have seen the growth of confidence within herself.  Confidence is something I want to encourage in every woman I met.  It is common to find women thinking and speaking negatively about their bodies.  We lack such body positivity in today’s society.  We start to lose who we are as individuals and get wrapped up in the negativity.  It isn’t healthy, and that is why I always feel my clients should feel nothing but empowerment, confidence and celebrate their beauty.  These women leave their session feeling as if they can take on the world.

Embrace all of your imperfections because every one of those imperfections is beautiful!






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