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Best Camera Angles to Use in Boudoir Photography

Boudoir photography is more than just taking photos of women in varying states of dress and in various poses in a bedroom setting. It’s also about capturing a specific mood, a certain emotion, and telling a story. To this end, using the right type of camera for boudoir photography, the right camera lens for boudoir, and the right amount of lighting all play a role in accomplishing that goal. 

Just as important as the equipment used is the angles used for capturing the right story, along with the right kind of mood and emotion. In boudoir photography, any camera angle works as long as it serves the narrative being captured, but there are at least three angles that are commonly used: aerial view, high angle, and eye level. Low angle can also be used, though this often depends on the preferences of both the photographer and model. 

Boudoir Photography Angle #1: Eye Level

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By far, the most common camera angle is eye level. This is the angle where the photographer positions the camera straight ahead and does not tilt the camera in any capacity. As such, the model appears in the “normal” field of view, which lends to a more natural and familiar feel. This angle is perfect for capturing a wide variety moods from confidence to relaxation, sexiness to shyness, outgoing to mysterious, and so much more. 

Boudoir Photography Angle #2: High Angle

Boudoir photography angle for posing including high angle featuring best boudoir studio in Virginia.

Another great camera angle for boudoir photography is high angle. For this angle, the photographer is usually on a more elevated position and tilts the camera downward, though not necessarily to the point of creating an aerial view. In many causes, the model’s face will become the focal point of the photo with the rest of their body “progressing” into the the background. This is a great angle to use when wanting to capture facial expression as a way of conveying a specific emotion. A model can look perfectly relaxed in a “dream-like” state or even just feeling sexy. 

Boudoir Photography Angle #3: Aerial View 

Best boudoir photography angles for posing featuring the aerial view.

A third common angle in boudoir photography is aerial view, which is also known as “bird’s eye view.” This is the camera angle where the photographer is once again in an elevated position, but this time they are pointing the camera completely downward like a bird staring down at the world below from the sky above. From this angle, the model is often lying down on a bed or any other type of surface and can stare directly into the camera or look away. Aerial view is a perfect view to use in boudoir photography that’s meant to convey sexual freedom or erotic expression.

Boudoir Photography Angle #4: Low Angle

boudoir photography angles featuring a low angle by best boudoir photography in Virginia Rami.

Though not commonly used in boudoir photography, there are times when a low angle can best convey a specific mood. For this angle type, the model tends to be in a more elevated position and the photographer will tilt the camera upwards as if “looking up at the sky.” This camera angle works best in boudoir photography that wants to convey sexual confidence along with sexual dominance.

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