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It’s been awhile since my last post, and it’s been awhile since I actually had the pleasure of photographing a client. It’s been so rewarding to take some time to focus on myself and what matters most.  I contacted Miss K again to see if she wanted to work with me on this new idea. I was so happy when she accepted the offer!

I really wanted to go with a style that wasn’t my typical “colorful and playful” style I originally started out with. I always wanted to step out of that comfort zone but I feared others wouldn’t approve. I always played it safe, one of my weaknesses. I am so proud of myself for finally taking the leap and letting my creative side come to life.  It has been awhile since I actually pushed myself to do something fun and daring, and look at how amazing they turned out.  #Proudphotographermoment

I love the dark side of boudoir and how the details are simple. I think being able to finally set outside of the safe zone I have full creativity on what I want to capture that best represents my business.  This boudoir session is just that, dark and bold.  Full of emotion with a lot of sexy poses that fully share the natural curves of a women’s body. It is now officially time to share this HOT boudoir session with everyone!

Miss K is just so stunning!  She is such a natural at this and made my job very easy.  Miss K booked her first session with me last year before her wedding and we had a great time photographing her Bridal Boudoir Session.   I think clients who book again find it more rewarding when they book a second session.  “You are at ease. You know the photographer, you the know the routine and you know what the outcome of it is going to be, which is amazing!”

Make-Up: Sparkle
Location: Greenock Manor


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