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Boudoir Hair And Makeup: Go Pro Or No?

Boudoir, Hair & Makeup

Should I go Glam?

If you are going to use Black Lace Boudoir, your package will include makeup and hair. The team is ready to glam you up! If you will go to the site and look at some of the before and after photos you will be floored at the transformations that take place! When it comes to boudoir photography, a type of photography that is intimate and personal you want to leave the big jobs to the professionals in all honesty. You may do your hair and makeup daily, but allowing a pro to get ahold of you and transform you will not only wow everyone else but will wow you as well. They are trained to make all your features stand out. Glamour shots were big back in the day, and they were more so transformations, but with boudoir not only are you flaunting your sex appeal you are also able to have a full makeover to complete the journey.

Boudoir, Transformation

Go Pro or No?

Although you may be comfortable in your status of doing your own hair and makeup there are a few important reasons to go with a professional. You want to make the most out of your investment. meaning you are putting not only money but time into this adventure, and you should want to get the most out of your money. The professionals will transform you into a woman you had not seen in a long time stating back at you, Secondly, you want to feel good about yourself. We tend to question our own abilities when it comes to our hair skills and make up skills. Why not trust someone who sees more beauty in us than we are able to see? Professional hair and makeup artist know the exact frame to bring out your natural structures to your face. Makeup for professional photography sessions is created different than what you would be wearing in your every day life, as it should be.

Can I do my own?

The answer to this is, YES! No one is going to force you to have a professional do your hair and makeup, this is all for you and whatever you are comfortable with doing. Personally, I say get the most bang for your buck, and take advantage of the hair and makeup that is included in your package you have purchased. Give yourself a break and let everyone take care fo YOU for once. If you do not feel okay with this that is perfectly okay, just let your professional boudoir photographer know what you are comfortable with and what you are not. They are all there to make you happy, and will do their best to assure that you are 100% comfortable in the process!


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