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Should I lose weight prior to my boudoir shoot?

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Come as you are

There is absolutely no reason for you to lose weight or to begin dieting before your boudoir session. This would defeat the purpose. Granted it is good to take care of your body, but crash dieting can be dangerous, so the safest bet is to come just as you are. Boudoir photography is designed for you to love yourself just the way you are. This entire shoot is a lesson in self love, so you can view the final product and fall in love with the woman starring back at you in the mirror. You don’t need to lose weight first. Most people avoid the camera. And the reasoning they give the most often is that they have to lose 5 . . . 10 . . . 20 pounds. They say it so much that they believe it. Believe me, you don’t need to lose weight to look smoking? in your portraits. ? It is your photographers job to use the right poses and lighting to help accentuate your natural beauty.

Boudoir, Black lace

Love Yourself

Boudoir is meant for ALL! Not children of course, but adults of all walks of life. Even men are now doing boudoir sessions to boost their confidence. I can assure you that many people deal with self image issues, you may look at someone and see nothing but perfection, but when they look into the mirror they see flaws. Boudoir is designed to debunk those negative thoughts we have about ourselves and break us out of the shell of low self-esteem. Get in front of that camera and work it, work all of you and be confident, this is your time to shine and bust through those self degrading thoughts you say to yourself daily, It is phytologically proven that if you say things out loud your brain is more likely to believe it. So feed yourself with positive affirmations.

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No Time For Excuses

As women our bodies go through a lot of changes, from having kids to just aging in general. That will include stretch marks, and wrinkles in places we do not want them. We as women have to learn to see all that as growth, We can give excuses all day as to why we are not going to do something, that is the easy way out, but pushing yourself out of your comfort zone can do your mental health a lot more good than bad when it comes to your thoughts about yourself. You may be saying ” I do not want to get naked” that is understandable and you do not have to take your clothes off, you have many options of what you can do and at your own comfort level . All you have to do is get up with your professional boudoir photographer in the Virginia area, and discuss what you are comfortable with and what makes you feel uneasy, and I promise they will work with you so that you have the best experience a long with a boost of confidence. Take the leap and start loving who you are. It never hurts to push your boundaries and challenge those negative thoughts that often occupy your mind and are simply just taking up space.


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