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“Boudoir is not about sex but loving your own body and all that it is capable of achieving” – Fredericksburg Virginia

Today’s blog is all about Ms. C’s boudoir experience.

I could not have asked for a better experience in which I am able to appreciate my body, as a woman should. Often we as women find ourselves on the back burner, not taking care of our wants or needs. Simultaneously falling into a “normal” routine, ditching the extras in life, putting on makeup, getting our hair done, having our nails painted, or just plain doing something that makes us feel good.

Loving Your Body - Women embracing her womanhood

I truly believe every woman should do at least one boudoir session in her life to experience the fun of getting to know her own body again and really appreciate it. Boudoir is not about sex but loving your own body and all that it is capable of achieving. Receiving the photographs after a session is the most rewarding, looking back even years later with confidence and saying I am beautiful every single chance you get to remind yourself. Rami is by far the most talented photographer I’ve ever met and the most important thing is she encourages self-love and is genuine and makes the whole session comfortable. From the little things such as posing she is knowledgeable about how the body works and what it can do from a woman’s standpoint.

So thank you Rami for reminding me I am beautiful even on my bad days! Remember everyBODY is beautiful, sometimes reconnecting with yourself is the reminder we all need. 

Watch what Ms. C had to say about her experience with Black Lace Boudoir

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