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Boudoir Misconceptions: 6 Misconceptions About Boudoir Photography You Should Know

At Black Lace Boudoir, we unfortunately have heard all the reasons why a woman might be hesitant about her upcoming boudoir photography in Northern Virginia session. We are here to dispel common myths and misconceptions about Boudoir Photography to help give you confidence as you consider signing up for a boudoir photo shoot near Washington D.C.

Boudoir Misconceptions #1: I Have to Bare All

Arguably the most commonly held misconception about boudoir photography is that subjects must be nude or at the very least in lingerie. At Black Lace Boudoir, your boudoir photo shoot is customized to showcase you are your most beautiful, however that might look for you. If that means a favorite t-shirt and pj pants make you feel your most sexy and empowered, then that’s what we’ll do! We promise to always tailor your boudoir experience to your comfort level, outfit preferences, and desires.

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Boudoir Misconceptions #2: I Have to Gift My Photos to Someone

Coming up with creative ideas for gifting boudoir photos is extremely popular these days, but it should not prevent you from committing to a boudoir photography session if you don’t have a husband, fiance, boyfriend, girlfriend, or significant other. In fact, we love when women want to treat themselves to a boudoir session! Boudoir photos make the perfect gift your yourself, and are an excellent way to memorialize different times of your life. Being able to step out of the droll day-to-day routine and inject the excitement, sensuality, and sultriness of a boudoir photography session as a treat to yourself….now that’s empowering!

Boudoir Misconceptions #3: I’m Not the Right Shape, Shade, or Style

We are going to shout this from the rooftops for once and for all: You Are Enough. The beauty of boudoir is any shape, any shade, and any style can be captured wonderfully during a photo session. Our internationally renown photographer, Rami, will capture your beauty through the lens of her camera. When you schedule a boudoir photography session with Black Lace Boudoir, you get the red carpet treatment. A professional hair and makeup team will amplify your already amazing features and you’ll have access our expansive wardrobe with over 80 outfits. Leave the negativity at the door and allow our team to create a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

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Boudoir Misconceptions #4: I Have to Be in a Bedroom

True, the definition of “boudoir” literally means a “woman’s bedroom”, some of our favorite boudoir sessions have taken place elsewhere. Our boudoir studio is located near Richmond but we’re happy to schedule your session to take place outdoors, in a different room of your choosing, or really anywhere you prefer! You boudoir session can take place in any setting that compliments who are you, the outfits you’ve chosen, and the vibe you want to express through the camera.

Boudoir Misconceptions #5: My Boudoir Photos Will be EVERYWHERE

This myth could not be further from the truth. At Black Lace Boudoir, we promise that will never share ANY of your photos without express written consent from you. Any images you see on our website, social media, or marketing campaigns are because those women either modeled specifically for a session or granted us permission to share their shots with the world. Your comfort, privacy, and trust are our top priorities. We will honor you by not sharing your photos all over the internet.

Boudoir Misconceptions #6: I Have to Have Modeling Experience

If everyone who came to us for a boudoir photography shoot had modeling experience, we would certainly not enjoy our job as much as we do! Part of the fun of our job is helping you discover and show off a side of yourself you didn’t even know was there! We have countless years of experience at helping guide you towards poses, postures, “looks”, and more to help create a boudoir experience that will last a lifetime.

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Ready to Sign Up For Your Boudoir Photo Shoot?

Now that we’ve eliminated common misconceptions and myths about boudoir photography, now is the time for you to sign up for your own boudoir photo shoot! We are the premier boudoir photographer Washington D.C., Richmond, and Northern Virginia women choose for their boudoir experience. Contact us today to get started!


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