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Becoming a brand ambassador

Is being a brand ambassador worth it?

When you log in to any social media platform today, you are probably met with ads or posts that offer a Brand Ambassador program for companies you have purchased from. Who wouldn’t love getting the chance to get something in return for raving about a company you already purchased from? However, most of these companies only care about gaining more money. They do not care about that individual and what benefits their company could offer them beyond free products. Wouldn’t it be neat to gain something that is life-changing and holds a higher value than a tangible item that will not?

I wanted to offer something most companies have thought yet to market. Being a boudoir photographer, I sometimes find myself stuck in this world of perfection. Everyone is fed up with the overly done influencer era where everything is perfect. The perfectly curated feeds are full of cohesive images and reels, though they are pleasing to the eye.

Women are now seeking meaningful and vulnerable content that speaks to the soul. The real and everyday woman who shares her stories along with the rawness of life. Women who have opened up about their struggles in hopes of connecting with others who can relate. It’s a beautiful feeling when you find your soul sisters! We are all seeking ways to connect and feel connected or even just feel heard, but the digital era keeps us more discounted than we realize. My community has lacked for a long time the positive energy of strong and supportive women. So, instead of waiting for the hate to die away, I chose to create a circle of women who believed in my mission to share my love for boudoir, but most of all, compassionate towards other women. I wanted to create my own sisterhood of women who came together to support each other.

Become a Social Butterfly

As a Social Butterfly, you are more than just a Brand Ambassador who shares the positive effects boudoir can offer women; you are joining a sisterhood of women who value community over competition, love over hate, and acceptance over judgment. You will get to mingle with like-minded women who will welcome you with open arms and help you grow into a better version of yourself. 

Social Butterfly

Here at Black Lace Studios, we love that our brand ambassador program, known as Social Butterfly, offers a platform for women to express their true selves while having the support going through a self-love self-discovery journey. Although your primary purpose as a Social Butterfly is to help promote and bring awareness to the brand. It is also a fantastic opportunity to share your experience of how a boudoir session can change your outlook. Boudoir is not exclusively about embracing your sexuality through images. It is also about connecting with your feminine side and seeing this side with your own eyes. Our feminine side is often repressed due to society and the demands of women today. Did you know it is okay to show your softer side to the world? You can cry and still be strong; you can scream and still be sane; and you can be vulnerable and guarded simultaneously. 

I hate that we, as women, constantly have to prove ourselves capable of carrying all the weight. Then, women still have to show up for everyone else selflessly.  In this brand ambassador program, I wanted to create a platform where everyday women could share their stories. You can check out what our past Brand ambassadors had to say. Stories of struggle, celebration, hardship, rewarding adventures, and, most of all, the value of positive self-talk. If you are not already a member of our VIP group, you can join HERE

becoming a brand ambassador for a photographer.

Replacing negative self-thoughts

You do not need to carry the weight of the world alone.

Let those around you help you.

You do not have to be selfless all the time.

It’s okay to put yourself first and give yourself whatever you desire.

You do not have to feel like you must save yourself alone.

If you need to lean on someone as you save yourself, then do it and do it proudly.

You should not feel guilty for doing something for yourself.

In fact, you should make time daily to do something you like. Giving to yourself will also benefit those around you.

Courage comes from within:

A boudoir session gave me the courage to do more for myself. This courage gave me a new perspective on how beauty was not to be valued in the measure of the hands of others; it was in how I chose to see myself. Every time I do a photo session, I discover a part of me that I have lost. Some photo sessions were about learning to embrace the new me.

Throughout the years, I have lost bits and pieces of myself. I had to change who I was to fit the mold and expectations demanded by others. It gets old fast when you constantly feel the need to mold yourself into what others expect, and along the way, you become a shell of who you once were. My images are a token of my personal journey to rediscover myself. They allow me to see beyond what the mirror shows me and the negative self-talk.

Boudoir changes lives:

Many of us are seeking ways to find ourselves again. I can truthfully say that boudoir was the door to my self-discovery journey and more than I ever dreamed of. My passion is to help other women find themselves through the art of boudoir. It is also to create a sisterhood of women who believe in my mission of supporting one another with genuine intentions.  

If you have made it this far, you may have felt a deep connection to the words I have written. As always, that is my goal when I pour my heart into what I love. We want women like yourself who desire to share with others the beauty of what boudoir can offer and who enjoy being surrounded by like-minded women who are seeking to rediscover themselves along the way.

Take a look at what the program offers here.


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