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Can Guys do a Boudoir Photo Shoot?

Boudoir photography is an ever-popular growing industry, and it has been focusing on the female body for a long time. But the trend of “dudeoir” is, in fact, a thing. This means the male version of the classic boudoir photograph Celebrating the human body can be accomplished in many different forms and fashions. With so many pushing the limits and creating the “new normal” Male boudoir sessions are now becoming very common among those looking to enhance their body positivity, and males need some inspiration in that department as well.

Boudoir, dudeoir

What is Dudeoir?

 Dudeoir is your main man stripping down in front of a photographer. Imagine all that a female would do in a boudoir photo session and just replace her with a him, minus the sexy lingerie, but if he wants to wear lingerie he can. Boudoir is designed to leave the subject feeling on top of the world, and loving their body image. CBS Miami and CBS New York put the spotlight on this trend this past month, highlighting it as a “new rage in romance.an astounding amount of men are choosing to have intimate photos taken of them as a gift to their significant others on special occasions, such as Valentine’s Day or an anniversary gift for the one they love most!


Couple’s Boudoir

Doing a couple’s boudoir session is another option to get your man involved in the movement for body image positivity. He may be reluctant to do one on his own, and that is okay. Many Boudoir photographers now offer couples sessions. You have complete freedom to have fun with these types of sessions. These pictures make for great bedroom art, or to create a book documenting the love you have for one another! Studies show that these sessions tend to bring the romance back into relationships!

Before your Dudeoir session….

Be sure to speak with the photographer about what you are wanting from the session. Are you wanting to enhance your view of your body image or is it for your partner? Most commonly men seeking a boudoir photo shoot are wanting to document changes or enhancements in their body, and they want to accentuate that during their shoot.

Why Every Man Should Try Boudoir…..

Men face the same body image issues that women do, they are just not as vocal about it. More and more males are joining in on the body positivity movement. Inspiring all walks of life is the entire point of Boudoir, there is no shame in wanting to find a little extra love for yourself by booking one. No one has to know that you have done one, what matters is that you know and you see the potential within yourself! So, what are you waiting for?


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