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Top Boudoir Poses

When you think of Boudoir or look at the pictures online, you see many different poses. Your photographer will know which will best capture all the features you want to stand out in your photos. Trust the process, but also do research on the poses you would like to do, and try them at home before you go to your session. The poses are meant to make all your features stand in the spotlight of the camera lens. In this article, we will go over some of the more popular poses, and the most flattering poses, let’s begin!

Boudoir, Black Lace

Over the Shoulder

Back in the Renaissance, baroque, and romanticism movements the over the shoulder was discovered and used in many forms of art. One of the most noteworthy of this original pose was Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres’ ” The Odalisque” If you will look up this particular pose it is very classy yet seductive, if you have alluring eyes, this is a sure way to capture the beauty of them! If you place a pillow under your arm, it will prop you up and create a modest curve of your body.

The Arch

The infamous arch is a must-do, especially with Boudoir photography. This pose is a very intimate personal pose, that allows you to find your inner goddess. Each pose is created for a multitude of effects for the subject and for anyone who gets to see the final product! This pose allows a full view of your side profile as well. Practice this pose so you can be ready to capture some epic shots!

Prop Poses

Most of the time we think that in a Boudoir photo session we would only be using a bed, this is not the case. Using a simple chair or rug can develop some head-turning shots for you! By using props other than a bed, it gives you the freedom to become more expressive in the photos you are taking.

Boudoir, Black Silk

Mirror Poses

Another great prop that is popular is using a mirror. You can pose in many different ways using the advantages of a mirror. This is a form used to capture not only frontal features but to captures you from behind as well. Again, props are available to give you the opportunity to not have one setting but many different angles that will enhance your perspective of yourself!

There is no lack of possibilities with Boudoir photography sessions. The entire process is designed around body positivity and being comfortable in your skin. As a female, you have a lot of pressure to fit into the stigma of what a woman should look like, and we are constantly told we need to make changes. The movement behind boudoir is to put a stop to stereotypes and break free of those chains. Each pose is meant to show you the beauty you hold and the power behind you as an individual. Why not love yourself and have fun while discovering you are a queen! Be sure to practice these poses you want to try during your session, especially if you find that you are more reserved, not only will this make you more confident but it helps you get the photos you seek!


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